Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Schedule

The New York Central Layout has implemented the following Holiday Operating Schedule;
1. The newly opened Empire City Passenger Station will host trains from the New York Central, Pennsylvania, Baltimore & Ohio, Erie Lackawanna, New Haven, Santa Fe and Lehigh Valley. Tenant Railroads are reminded to adhere to the arrival and departure times allotted for their trains. Station switching will be performed by the New York Central.
2. All passenger trains will run according to the 2011 schedule and when needed extra sections will be added to accommodate additional riders. All passengers are asked to book their travel arrangements as early as possible.
3. The New York Central has added two additional trains to the passenger schedule for the Holiday Season,  Mail and Express (M&E) #11 and Mail and Express (M&E) #22. These trains are primarily for mail, express and baggage and will have New York to Chicago coach (M&E#11) for the use of passengers . M&E#22 will have the same type of consist going from Chicago to New York. Both trains will call at Empire City. The addition of these two trains should allow our express passenger trains to maintain their tight schedules without having to spend additional dwell time at their stations due to heavy head end traffic
4. All freight trains will operate according to the 2011 schedule. Additional sections or extras will be added as needed.
5. All railroad construction projects are suspended until January.
New for the Holiday schedule, Mail and Express Train #11 rolls through Terminal
Yard on it's way to Empire City Station

 Mail and Express Train #11 starts to descend on track 1 for Empire City Station as a trio of Baldwin S-12s assigned as today's protection diesels look on
M&E #11 continues it's downward trek towards Empire City Station
                                       M&E #11 awaiting a clear signal to enter the main line.
 New York Central and Railway Express Agency Trucks meet the train upon arrival at Empire City Station

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