Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alternative Power

It is that time of year again. During the Holiday Season every train we own gets it's share of track time. No matter what the road name, diesel or steam, passenger or freight all of our trains will enjoy some fresh air outside of the box on the rails or on the work bench if need be. Minor repairs and maintenance is expedited and any major repairs will have the shop crew on overtime. It is quite a colorful and enjoyable time for the engineers, passengers and rail fans.  

I know the title of this blog is New York Central Train Layout but life here is not all jade green and lightning stripes. While the large bulk of my railroad inventory is New York Central I am also fan of other railroads as well.
For the record I do this to let Santa know that ALL trains are welcome here.

Chessie System SD40-2 and GP-35 travel light from Terminal Yard

Amtrak F40PH #209 leading some Amfleet Coaches towards Empire City

                               NYSW #4002 passes through Empire City Station 

   B&O H16-44s #927 & 926 head to Terminal Yard with a transfer freight

   Amtrak AMD103s #824 and #802 lead another passenger train towards Empire City  

    NYSW #4002 on point through the industrial District en route to Terminal Yard

Amtrak B40-8CW #506 leads a consist of Superliners through the Terminal Yard access tunnel
                                  Passengers enjoying the view as they head towards Empire City 

An Eclectic Roster at Terminal Yard

New York & Atlantic #271 in 9/11 Memorial Paint Scheme with NY&A #261 at Terminal Yard

                                           NYC H16-44s keep order at Terminal Yard

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