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Saturday, November 19, 2016

P.C.C.M. 22E

Greetings All,

Part Six of the virtual ops between the N.Y.C.T.L. and the K.P.D. of Ralph V.

To:        West Mill
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Train LS-1 ( New York to Elkhart)
              Engines: 2228, 1602, 1644
              Caboose: 23045
              Blocks: 2
              Loads / Empties: 21 / 5
              Total Cars: 26

The Terminal Yard switch crew gets right to work breaking down EC-3 and blocking Train LS-1. PC 167872 is loaded with beer for Reynolds Beverage Distributors in Kings Port NY and will be placed in Train LS-1
PC 167872 has been dropped on track 8 so the yard crew can pull track 7 to B&M 110 and put PC 167872 into the Kings Port block
The Kings Port Division block is cut at the B&M 50' boxcar and PC 167872 will be cut in. NYC 80779 headed to Empire Grain in West Mill will be at the front of LS-1 in the Kings Port Division / West Mill Block 
PC 160502 and TPFX 5510 consigned to Gern Industries will be the first cars in the Kings Port / West Mill Block
The yard work is done and he power for LS-1 has coupled on. The all EMD PC-PRR-NYC paint schemes were quite common on the PC's early years. The GP30, F7A-F7A lash up screams Penn Central!
 From the pages of Classic Trains Summer 2016 
 LS-1 hits notch 8 rumbling thru Bedford NY
LS-1 Block 2 for West Mill and the Kings Port Division
 Middle of  Block 2 for West Mill / K.P.D.
 The end of LS-1 and Block 2
 Heading past Bedford Tower we see ML-7 working the Ford Plant
Rounding the curve towards the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge
 On the High Line thru Empire City
 Next stop Selkirk NY

Terminal Yard out...
To:        Kings Port Division
From:    Metro Division
Subject: Car Movement Cards for Train LS-1 Block 2 to be cut off                 at Selkirk for West Mill

Metro Division out...
To: Terminal Yard       
From:  West Mill  
Subject: Acknowledge the dispatch of Train LS-1
This concludes the origination part of P.C.C.M. 22. Look for the next installments on the K.P.D. at 

Here are some exciting scenes from the next episode;
To:      Terminal Yard, Selkirk
From: West Mill

PC Train VW-1 (Selkirk to Weehawken) arrives and sets out block of 14 cars (originally from TrainLS-1) at mid-division point West Mill.

Penn Central Train VW-1 slows as it emerges from the tunnel north of West Mill.  Headed by a U28C/U33C/GP38-2 consist, the first block immediately behind the power is to be cut for West Mill.   The rest of the train will continue to Weehawken.

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  1. Great presentation of your side of this series John! I'm picking up the action today on my blog. Thanks for noting the link above. Here it is again
    I'll try to make it as entertaining as you have!

    1. Thanks Ralph! I'm sure your continuation of the action will be top notch and a great treat for rail fans to view your excellent layout. OK everybody, we're heading over to Ralph's basement to continue the virtual ops!

  2. As always, this is a great report! It details it very nicely. Do I spot a new car on the N.Y.V.T.L.? Looking forward to the next installment..

    1. Correction....N.Y.C.T.L. Keyboard has its own mind...

    2. Thank you 1:1 Sir Neal! A sharp eye you have. Newly added boxcar, B&M #110, is an Evans 5100 series RBL from Scale Trains Kit Classics. Build date is 7/70 so these would be brand new in the PC era we are using.