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Friday, November 18, 2016

P.C.C.M. 22D.

Greetings All,

Part 5 of the virtual ops between the N.Y.C.T.L. and Ralph V's Kings Port Division;

To:        West Mill
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Train EC-3 ( Afternoon Empire City Turn                       Terminal Yard - North Side Yard - Terminal Yard)

Fairbanks Morse H16-44 #8810 still in PRR paint leads Train EC-3 out of Terminal Yard 
EC-3 heads past University Lumber and Milling in Bedford NY. TPFX 5510 and PC 160502 are on today's switch list and EC-3 will pick them up on the return trip from North Side Yard. .
EC-3 first stop is Heileman Brewery where they will pull these four loaded cars and spot four Hi Cube Cars. Heileman is introducing long neck bottles to its product line.
PC 167872 is loaded with beer for Reynolds Beverage in Kings Port NY
EC-3 has left Bedford and is now rounding the curve for North Side Yard
EC-3 arrives at North Side Yard 
8810 has left it's train on the mainline which is sometimes used as the arrivals / departure track. 8810 is running back thru the yard on track 2 to grab it's caboose drop and leave cars for N.S.Yard before heading on it's way. 
The crew of 8810 have shoved their train into Track 2 as they belatedly realized that the Empire Belt crews have marked off today for the rail fan special so they could not use the main as an arrivals and departure track. 8810 will pull it's caboose, RI 35062 which is headed to Berk Industries and PC 167872 which they picked up earlier at Heileman Brewery. 
 8810 assembles the second part of the turn
EC-3 is back at Bedford where it will work University Lumber and Berk Enterprises
Pulling PC 160502 and TPFX 5510 loaded with cabinets for Gern Industries in West Mill NY 
EC-3 is reassembled on track 3 and waits for ML-7 (Terminal Yard - Bedford Park) to clear the switch for track 2 
ML-7 heads to Bedford Park and EC-3 gets ready for the signal to proceed
EC-3 struggles up the grade towards Terminal Yard under the watchful eyes of the local still operator. Ironically 40 years from now this will be considered at Micro-Brewery
 EC-3 arrives at Terminal Yard

Terminal Yard out...
To:  Terminal Yard     
From:  West Mill 
Subject: Acknowledge the dispatch of Train EC-3

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