Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
Custom Painted FA / FB Units

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

P.C.C.M. 22A

Greetings All,

We continue our virtual ops today with Penn Central Car Movement #22A 

To:         West Mill
              Terminal Yard
From:     North Side Yard / Empire Belt RR
Subject:  Dispatch of Empire Belt train 6109 (North Side Yard to                   Terminal Yard) 

We'll pick up the action at Hohman Ave from our last episode. The Empire Belt local, 6109 sits on the industrial track at Hohman Ave while Extra 2228 pulls a train from North Side Yard to be delivered to Terminal Yard 
 With 2228 now clear of the yard and the main 6109's engineer 1/87th scale Sir Neal is backing the train thru the switch to access the main line and then tie the train down at North Side Yard
 With the train secured in North Side Yard the crew of 6109 is going to beans in the vernacular of 1:1 railroading. Below the portly brakeman is asking 1/87th scale PC Ralph "How's the Italian food in this place?" PC Ralph's reply is the classic "Try the veal, it's the best in the city" 
 With full stomachs the Empire Belt crew of 6109 is back on duty and picking up GM&O #21129 from Neal's Lumber and Hardware. The car is loaded with pressure treated lumber for the Hudson Valley Ag Coop irrigation project. The brakeman has connected the air hoses. 
Conductor PC Ralph is holding traffic while the train is stretched across the street.
Next stop is Superior Furniture to pick up B&M 110 loaded with furniture for Battaglia Brothers Warehouse.
 The train is reassembled
and 1/87th scale Sir Neal has radioed the dispatcher requesting clearance to Terminal Yard. Below he is waiting for a green signal to cross onto the mainline to start the journey.
 EB Train 6109 high balls it past Bedford Station to Terminal Yard
The crew has run their engines back around their train, coupled up to their caboose and head back to North Side Yard caboose light. This train is designated #6107 in accordance with a recent train identification memo.  
 6107 meets train XN-2 a daily train from DeWitt Yard
 XN-2 features some serious six axle power today
6107 is back at North Side Yard and the guys have secured their train. The guys say good night and will head off towards home.

North Side Yard out...

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