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Monday, May 14, 2012

Temporary Loading of Express Baggage

As morning comes to Empire City the last of the head end express shipments are ready to get loaded. Both the Railway Express Agency and New York Central have been hustling through the night to load the various East and West bound intercity trains. Track #4 must be clear by 7:00 AM to allow the commuter trains access to all four tracks. At 10:00 AM a baggage and express train will call on track #4 to take on Express shipments and mail. The train will depart at 2:00 PM for Terminal Yard where the east bound and west bound cars will be separated, given new power and sent out on the rails to their respective destinations.

While this is a bit backward it allows the railroad to fulfill it's express obligations until a new Railway Express Building and mail loading facility are built. 

 Railway workers get themselves ready for the final assault on today's express shipments
 Conductor, Engineer and Fireman check their timepieces as they wait for the unloading and loading to commence
 New York Central Pacemaker trucks stand by as a forklift operator waits for the train doors to open. In the background the New Haven Patriot is on track #3 ready to depart for Boston, a New York Central train sits on track #2 and a freight train passes through on track #1 
The forklift operator assures the foreman he will strap the barrel to the pallet and careful when he loads  it into the car.   

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