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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bench Work Progress

Bench work on the New York Central Train Layout upper level continues and after several months there has been some noticeable progress. Building model train layout bench work is O.K. but to be honest it is much more fun (for me) to build model trains, locomotives, buildings and add scenery. With the sawdust flying I have severely limited what scenes I can add so the look of raw or painted plywood still prevails. But we are getting closer. Here are some recent pictures....

 Overall shot of latest completed bench work
 Close up of newly built upper level
 A B&O E7A makes it way under a newly built upper level section
 Passenger trains pass on the lower level while a NYC H16-44 switches a Cargill grain elevator on the upper level
Three levels taking shape. Dedicated subway lines on lowest level run under center of Empire City and Empire City Station. Passenger trains run on lower level. Freight trains on upper level. Track to right of passenger train takes trains from upper level to lower level.   
 Passenger train makes it way over canal bridge. Note reverse loop track branching off to the right. This allows inbound trains to run from staging yard to Empire City Station on lower level. Trains unload their passengers and are then turned on the reverse loop for outbound service back to staging. 
 Upper and lower level access from shelf portion to island portion of layout 
 Empire City taking shape. Still much to do
 A B&O train heads to the lower level above reverse track and canal
  Close up of B&O train passing over canal.

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