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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Penn Central Unit Coal Train UKP-1 Part 2

Greetings All,

Today we'll wrap up the origination of Penn Central Unit Coal Train UKP-1 (Hudson Coal to Kings Port Steel) and send it over to Ralph's Kings Port Division layout;

To:        West Mill / Williams Yard
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Unit Coal Train UKP-1 
              (Hudson Coal to Kings Port Steel)

The Coal Job GP9s (heading left) are running around the loaded coal hoppers for Kings Port Steel to couple up to the caboose and pull the train up to Terminal Yard.
The Coal Job is now moving past T&R Gravel and heading to Terminal Yard
The Coal Job enters Terminal Yard and passes VN-4 and E.B.R.R. caboose #1603 on track#1
The coal train arrives on track 8 and rolls over the newly installed weigh in motion scales. (this is an idea I'm working on that may or may not make it to the final version of the new Terminal Yard)
We're over at the Terminal Yard Engine Terminal and we see Power Pool B mixing with Power Pool A. The 6554, 6333 and 6338 were recently transferred to mineral and ore service for the New York Region due to increased production from Hudson Coal.
The big U Boats have been called out and are coupling up to the loaded coal hoppers from Hudson Coal that are consigned to Kings Port Steel. 
U30C #6538 leads U28C #6533(upgraded to 3,000 HP) and U33C #6554 into Bedford NY. The 9,300 horsepower on this loaded coal train should easily handle the tonnage being shipped.
Crossing over to track 2 at Bedford Station
UKP-1 U Boats on the High Line with coal hoppers stretching back past Bedford Tower.
Next Stop West Mill!!!
Thanks for reading!
Check in on Ralph's Kings Port Division blog for the follow ups!


  1. Very nice train movement! I do like the weigh in motion idea. It's another small detail that enhances the layout. Do you have enough motive power on that Hudson Coal train? May need another engine or two.

    1. Thank You 1:1 Sir Neal! The weigh in motion is definitely something I'd like to add. Now that you mention it perhaps another engine or two should have been added to get thru the Catskills!

  2. Hoppers everywhere and big time power to haul them! The run through will arrive at West Mill tomorrow. I like the weigh in motion scale too! I vote to keep it!

    1. Thanks Ralph! The weigh in motion scale has become a crowd favorite! Looking forward to seeing UKP-1 on the K.P.D.!

  3. Nothing says railroading more than a long string of coal hoppers being pulled by some big locomotives. Nice job on the weight in motion scale. It is always the details that make for a great layout. Well done.

    1. Thanks Engineer Ed!!! That's four in favor of the weigh in motion scale! I've been working feverishly to upgrade my coal hoppers since I heard Ralph utter the same line you used. "Nothing says railroading more than a long string of coal hoppers...") Right you both are!

  4. Really good looking unit train and burly GE power to handle it. To answer Neal's concerns, maybe a helper set on the back?
    I'll throw in my two cents and say the motion scale is a keeper! I like the looks of the new Empire Belt caboose. The PC green paint gives it a common corporate identity with the parent road.

    1. Thanks Brian! Helpers! Great idea! We will be trying to keep the coal trains in regular service as we continue with our virtual ops and perhaps the next loaded train out may indeed have some helpers or additional head end power or mid train helpers or all three!
      Looks the motion scale is a definite fan favorite! I'll keep at the top of my priority list.
      Thanks for the compliments on EB caboose!