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Monday, July 10, 2017

Penn Central Unit Coal Train UKP-1 Part 1

Greetings All,

With all of the projects I have going on right now it was great fun to put together this Penn Central Unit Coal Train that will originate at Hudson Coal and terminate at Kings Port Steel on Ralph's Kings Port Division layout; 

To:        West Mill / Williams Yard
From:    Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Coal Job (Terminal Yard to Hudson Coal)

The Coal Job departs Terminal Yard behind a pair of GP9s with a string of empties for Hudson Coal.
The GP9s roll downhill with their empties to be switched into Hudson Coal once they pull the loaded cars.
With the empties sitting on the main the GP9s start pulling the loaded cars for Kings Port Steel from Hudson Coal.
PC 473972, a 100 ton ex PRR H43A class hopper, sports a newly applied ACI label.
The loaded hoppers stretch thru Bedford NY towards the passenger station as the Coal Job shoves the empties into Hudson Coal.
With the 9 empties spotted it's time for the Coal Job to grab it's caboose and clear the mainline.
The Coal Job is held at Bedford Station on track 3 to wait for an inbound train to clear the High Line and track #2.
And there they are! The first sighting!! 1/87th scale John B is out of the Bedford Tower and giving Empire Belt U33Cs 6574 and 6576 leading Train VN-4, a manifest freight from Selkirk towards Terminal Yard, a rolling inspection. The E.B.R.R. U Boats are numbered into the PC 6500 series and are maintained at Selkirk. 
The E.B.R.R. U boats with PC 6557 are a 1/87th scale rail fan favorite. They are only two E.B.R.R. U Boats on the PC roster and 6557 is the only U boat with the red P. 
Another first sighting! A pair of E.B.R.R. boxcars and flatcar were recently released from the N.Y.C.T.L. Paint Shop and are now in revenue service.
Looking towards Bedford Station we can seen the E.B.R.R. boxcars, flatcar, a Ralph Island gondola, an A.P.R.R. 50' RBL and an HRC 50' RBL making their way towards Terminal Yard
E.B.R.R. caboose 1603 brings up the markers on VN-4 as the manifest freight makes it way past T&R Gravel and begins the climb to Terminal Yard.
With VN-4 now clear the Coal Job gets back to work. The GP9s are running around the 20 loaded hoppers and will couple up to the caboose. Once cleared they will proceed to Terminal Yard. Tomorrow we'll cover that and the dispatch of Train UKP-1
Thanks for reading!
Tomorrow we'll conclude this P.C. Unit Train origination and send it over to the Kings Port Division.  


  1. Congratulations on the Inaugural Run of the E.B.R.R. engines and rolling stock! They look great and I'm sure will add to extra revenue on the N.Y.C.T.L.! I like the lettering on the cupola on the caboose!Looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Nice job setting up UKP-1 with the work of the Coal Job. I always enjoy watching GP9s in action. Great to witness the first siting of Empire Belt equipment and what an entrance with the three powerful U Boats in the new scheme. They look fantastic as do the boxcars and caboose! I agree with Neal about the lettering on the caboose cupola. Nice touch!

    1. Thanks Ralph! It's nice to see the Empire Belt become a reality!

  3. Really nice job on the new E.B.R.R. U-Boats and rolling stock! I can definitely see the NYC heritage and PC corporate identity with the E.B.R.R. Great looking unit train as well. Looks like your getting more PC hoppers into the fleet.

  4. Thanks Brian! It's nice to have the E.B.R.R. running even if in a somewhat limited capacity. Both Ralph and I are trying to add some PC coal hoppers to our fleets. What should have been an easy project has turned into a quest as we try to find the right H43 type hoppers for a decent price. I've been working on my hopper fleet ever since Ralph coined the phrase "There's nothing that epitomizes railroading like a coal train".