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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Penn Central Unit Coal Train / Unit Train Movement

Greetings All,

Today we'll take a look at a Penn Central Unit Coal Train that originated on Ralph's Kings Port Division layout in P.C.C.M 36.  

The unit coal train is identified as URN-4 and runs from the Genesee Coal docks in Rochester NY to West Mill Yard on the Kings Port & Western Railroad using KP&W and B&O motive power pools. At West Mill the KP&W and B&O power and caboose are cut off and the Penn Central takes over for the trip to Terminal Yard and Hudson Coal on my layout.

Let's take a look at this Unit Train Movement;

URN-4 with it's pooled power rumbles into West Mill NY
KP&W and B&O power units on the the coal drag will be cut off for two newer GE U Boats for the run to Terminal Yard
The power swap at the West Mill engine tracks. The cabooses will also be swapped.
With the power and caboose swap complete URN-4 heads out of West Mill towards Selkirk and then Terminal Yard.
URN-4 rolls thru Empire City on the High Line
URN-4 passing Bedford Tower and getting the high ball and roll by inspection from Bedford Tower Operator 1/87th scale John B.
Holding on track#3 is the L.I.R.R. transfer train heading to Bliss Yard with a trio of empty NYC 50' double door boxcars for Circle Wire & Cable in Maspeth NY.  
URN-4 climbs the grade to Terminal Yard past Hudson Coal with it's tracks filled with loaded coal hoppers.
URN-4 arrives at Terminal Yard on Track 4. 
The Terminal Yard switcher has pulled the caboose from URN-4 and is shoving it to the caboose track at the rear of track#2
Dirty and dusty NYC offset cupola caboose 21278 will once again be assigned to the Coal Job so the Switcher pulls the string of cabooses to access 21278.
The big GEs head for the soon to be opened Terminal Yard engine facilities.
The U Boats will head past the turnouts in the distance and then reverse into the engine facility. 
 A few engines including the Coal Job's power units are waiting for their call to duty. A PC caboose sits on the new caboose track.
The Coal Job's two GP9s are coupled up and the train is ready to proceed to Hudson Coal.
Leaving the empties on the main the Geeps enter Hudson Coal to pull the loaded cars.
 The last of the loaded coal hoppers are pulled from Hudson Coal.
A dozen empties from URN-4 are shoved into Hudson Coal for loading.
With the empties in place and the loaded tonnage is shoved back up the grade to Terminal Yard. 
 The loaded coal hoppers are shoved into track#6
The Coal Job has uncoupled from the loaded coal hoppers on track #6 and coupled up to another group of empty coal hoppers on track #5. These cars will be delivered later today after Hudson Coal fills the twelve empties spotted earlier. The coal circle of life continues.
That's it for this Unit Train Movement. 
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. To: Terminal Yard
    To: West Mill

    From: Rock Ridge

    Acknowledgement of Penn Central Unit Coal Train / Unit Train Movement

    Rock Ridge Yard Out!

  2. To: Terminal Yard/ Rock Ridge
    From: West Mill
    Acknowledge arrival of URN-4.
    West Mill Out.

    Nice continuation and completion of the unit coal train move. You know I apprecaited the GP9 power! Thanks for the sneak peak at the new wye and engine service area! Looks like NYC caboose 21278 gets no respect! Perhaps it will get good service at the new caboose track!

    1. Thanks Ralph! Those GP9s are high on my list of favorite engines. You are right about 21278 getting routinely assigned to the Coal Job and getting no respect! It just kind of looks like it belongs on the rear of such a train.

  3. John, the track work on the new peninsula looks great. The WYE will work for sure. Can't wait to see the update!

    1. Thanks 1:1 Sir Neal! They wye is in and so far so goid with the engine terminal.

  4. I agree with my counterparts, the new wye and engine tracks are a nice addition to the Terminal Yard facilities! You're going to need a dedicated crew just to handle all of the Hudson coal traffic. Your new fleet of hoppers look right at home at Hudson coal. The pair of Geep Nines finish off a good looking coal drag. And to quote a Mr.HJ Simpson,"I like my beer cold, my TV loud and my Cabeese dirty!

    1. Thanks Brian! The "Coal Job" is certainly looking like it will need a full time crew. Mr HJ Simpson is a wise man!

  5. I am guessing the accounts receivable folks at Hudson Coal are working overtime given the tonnage going through. That is a great coal facility with lots of capacity. Always enjoyable seeing the action revolve around Hudson Coal.

    The new wye looks like it will work great and a very nice addition to NYCTL's operational capabilities.


    1. Thanks Double E! Hudson Coal is definitely in the black! So far the wye is coming along nicely. We'll be putting it thru it's paces soon enough!