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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

P.C.C.M. 36F / Opening the Books and Car Movements at Empire City

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Disclaimer: Lots to post today so get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!

And remember to check in on Ralph's Kings Port Division Blog to checkout what's happening with the earlier block of freight cars sent his way.

To: West Mill / Rock Ridge
From: Terminal Yard 

Car Movements at Empire City

The 1/87th scale gangs all here! The 1/87th scale trainmen and tower operators of the N.Y.C.T.L. have gathered at Terminal Yard to welcome the newest N.Y.C.T.L. employee 1/87 scale ATJOE.
1/87th scale Engineer Ed and Conductor John will take charge of 1/87th scale ATJOE's first day of training and orientation. Hoping to ride in one of the legendary F-7s on the roster 1/87th scale Double E explains that they are great road engines but not good for switching with their limited ground visibility. With EC-1 having some switching work today the GP-35s will be 1/87th scale ATJOE's first motive power ride. Lesson #1 is in the books
Back at North Side Yard 1/87th scale Sir Neal chats it up with his brakeman conductor as they plan the morning moves. NYMX #1020 is a new addition to the roster having been purchased at a recent L.H.S. sale. It came in a Varney Box but not certain it is actually a Varney product.
The North Side Yard crew pulls this Cargill Covered Hopper from Cargill as 1/87th scale Bobby G sorts steel coils from Kings Port Steel in the Gervaise Pipe & Fitting yard.
1/87th scale Sir Neal has pulled these 57' Mechanical Reefers from Ralph's Grocery Warehouse, and cars from several other industries. 
The Cargill covered hopper, loaded with barley for Cavendish Fine Foods & Spirits in Kings Port NY, is set on track#2 with the other cars heading out of town later on the Empire City Turn from Terminal Yard
Good ol EL #73510 is on the move thru Empire City heading towards Walsh Steel Wool Products for a load of muffler mesh consigned to ACME Auto Parts in Mayfield NY 
EL 73510 is shoved into the Walsh Steel Wool Products siding 
instead of languishing in the virtual ops box. Readers will remember this car from earlier in the series when we focused in on the R.T.M.F. using EL 73510 as one example. We'll catch up with this car down the road in another P.C.C.M. series.
As 1/87th scale Sir Neal finishes up the morning switching duties in Empire City 1/87th scale ATJOE is about to take his first trip. Always the gentlemen 1/87th  scale Engineer Ed lets the new guy board first. "After you sir"
And away we go! Train EC-1 the morning Empire City Turn heads out of Terminal Yard. 
The empty NYC boxcars, destined for Circle Wire & Cable in Maspeth Queens to be loaded with wire for IBM in Binghamton NY, will be interchanged with the L.I.R.R. at North Side Yard. The AP RBL is also empty and is headed for Neal's Lumber & Hardware for a load of veneer paneling.  
EC-1 makes it's first stop at Heileman Brewery to pick up empty B&M RBL 109 and NYC 40' Hi Cube boxcar #173861 loaded with cases of tall neck bottled beer for Reynolds Beverage in Kings Port NY. 
1/87th scale Engineer Ed Points out to ATJOE the Heileman Brewery spotting location for 50' boxcars as he eases the cars to a stop.
EC-1 gets ready to proceed from Bedford Station. The trio of NYC boxcars would normally be in the virtual ops box at this point after they were pulled from All City Storage in an earlier installment but a new routing to the L.I.R.R. has them out on the layout in revenue service.
1/87th scale Double E has the GP35s and Train EC-1 moving at a nice clip over the Empire City viaduct. 
The 1/87th scale North Side Yard boys give ATJOE a hearty welcome as ED-1 enters the Hohman Ave entrance to North Side Yard 
1/87th scale Double E has cut off the B&M and NYC car from EC-1 on track 3 and shoved them onto the rear of soon to be Train EC-2 on track 2. The ol' Professor is showing his newest student some of the time saving moves that have made him famous.  
 EC-2 heads out of North Side Yard for the return to Terminal Yard
 EC-1 looking good thru Bedford NY.
Last stop before Terminal Yard.  EC-2  is at the University Mill Work siding and pulls PC 160502 and TPFX 5510 loaded with cabinetry for Battaglia Bros. Warehouse in Kings Port NY.  They'll shove back to Berk Enterprises and pick up a loaded boxcar from Berk Enterprises.
P&E 40' boxcar 3638 loaded at Berk Enterprises with packaging materials for Cavendish Fine Foods & Spirits in Mayfield NY is coupled up to the Cargill covered hopper, also destined for Cavendish. How about that! You can almost hear 1/87th scale EE after this move telling his passenger, 'This is how we do it around here'
EC-2 arrives on track 1 at Terminal Yard with cars for the Kings Port Division fore & aft.
But not to worry the Terminal Yard switcher will make short work sorting the cars brought in with EC-2 into their outbound trains.
With his first day in the books 1/87th scale ATJOE meets the guys at the Hitchin Post Saloon in Empire City for a round or three of Cavendish's finest.
That's it for today! Tomorrow we'll wrap up my portion of P.C.C.M. 36 and turn it over to Ralph for delivery and forwarding of the freight cars sent his way.

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  1. To: Terminal Yard
    To: West Mill

    From: Rock Ridge

    Acknowledgement of Car Movements at Empire City

    Congratulations to 1/87th ATJoe on his inaugural run on the N.Y.C.T.L. guided by 1/87th Engineer Ed! Lots of action to be seen on today's movement. Pics and story line are, as always, make you feel like you're there watching all of this. Great job!

    1. Thank you Sir Neal, it's an honor to be part of the NYCTL 1/87th crew. I've got some cold Heileman at the house and Mrs. Atjoe has some appetizers ready for showtime. I was thinking of an epic Western with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood for the selection.

  2. 1/87 ATJOE wants to say thank you to his fellow 1/87 N.Y.C.T.L. crew for the warm welcome! Having 1/87 E.E. and Conductor John show him the ropes on his first day is quite the honor. The GP35 power was a perfect choice to get started on. 1/87th ATJOE also discovered Sir Neal is an avid fan of Old Westerns. Thanks again for the warm welcome! And cheers at the Hitchin Post Saloon!

    1. The 1/87th scale guys were quite impressed with 1/87th scale ATJOE's RR knowledge and positive attitude on day 1. They were also impressed with his deep pockets, trivia knowledge and karaoke skills displayed at the Hitchin Post!

    2. Thank you John! 1/87th atjoe had a great day one learning the operations of the NYCTL! EE and Conductor John were quite thorough in bringing him up to speed. Sounds like 1/87th ATJOE got a little bit giddy at the party. He has to remember that Cavendish works differently at sea level with all of that oxygen. I hope his karaoke skills have improved since his last time at it. He almost caused an International incident with his singing on Ha Long Bay, in Vietnam. All in all a great day and looking forward to the next day of training!

    3. Good advice for 1/87th scale ATJOE to mind his spirits!
      The international incident over a Karaoke rendition of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is story in need of telling!

      Glad you both had fun on day one!

  3. Another extremely busy day on the NYCTL. 1:87 EE has enthusiastically signed off on the New Employee Road Training Evaluation for ATJOE and has submitted said report to NYCTL senior Management for ATJOE's certification. It was clear to 1:87 EE that ATJOE possesses a high level of expertise, dedication and determination in performing every facet of his job. He is without doubt eminently qualified to task any job assigned to him on the NYCTL. It is also most noteworthy to praise ATJOE's passion for Western Movies, sadly an uncharacteristic trait void in so many people today. And his ability to retain his functionality after imbibing copious quantities of libations at the Hotchin Post Saloon with the rest of the crew was nothing short of inspirational.

    The action in this session was yet another example of the NYCTL's renown expertise and efficiency executing complex rail operations. I am assuming that no news is good news based on the lack of any reports on mob activity on the NYCTL during this recent session.

    1. Double E you did a fine job breaking in the new guy on day 1! Mgt takes your recommendations in the highest regard for 1/87th scale ATJOE's future employment.

      The ant hill mob has been quiet this week. I think they're laying low after the last hit.

    2. Thank you EE for the kind comments and thorough training. 1/87th ATJOE will follow your lead on the proper way to complete the job. Growing up out West, there was lots of opportunities to catch an Old Western on TV. 1/87 Mrs. ATJOE will make sure his celebrations at the Hitchin Post are a little more tame next time. Looking forward to more training on the NYCTL. Just a heads up to management. The Ant Hill gang has been using a Caboose after hours to do a little gambling on the side. One of the Chain Gang fellas spilled the beans to Larry D.

  4. Not sure what more I can add to the above! Great work all around!

  5. Thanks for the tip on the dice game. I was wondering why I kept hearing guys yell Boxcars!. I thought it was a bunch of train buffs. Mrs 1/87th scale ATJOE will have her hands full with all the shenanigans the other 1/87th scale trainmen and tower men will tempt you with.