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Monday, June 19, 2017

P.C.C.M. 36E / Bedford Park Turn Part 2

Greetings All,

The P.C.C.M. action can now be viewed on two blogs! The freight cars forwarded to Ralph's Kings Port Division have arrived at West Mill in PC Train VW-1

Today we'll take a look at Train BP-41, the Terminal Yard to Bedford Park portion of the Bedford Park Turn. In normal P.C.C.M.s this train as built would not be shown in a P.C.C.M. and probably would not even be run but I wanted to showcase it and the Rock Island boxcar working it's way thru the Rail Traffic Management Form and the N.Y.C.T.L. 

So just sit back and enjoy the bonus coverage! The Rock Island boxcar is really enjoying all the attention!

A panoramic shot of BP-41 heading thru Bedford NY with ALCO C-424 #2415 running long hood forward. Rock Island #35062 is right behind the caboose in this train  arrangement I saw in a New York Central book.
Pulling a string of much needed 89' tri level auto racks and two 86' boxcars for Ford BP-41 engineer 1/87th scale PC Ralph will be taking a tour of Empire City today to reverse direction and limit the amount of shoving on these long cars. 
Before BP-41 has to hold on track 3 as Train VN-4 makes it's way towards Terminal Yard
To me a classic PC consist. Cab units and Geeps mixed together. There was a time I would have never ever run engines in such a consist. Thanks to the influence of 1:1 PC Ralph, Emery Gulash and the many photos of PC engines in print and on the web I've been converted.
With the mainline clear BP-41 gets a highball from 1/87th scale John B at Bedford Tower. 
BP-41 climbs the grade on the High Line as 1/87th scale PC Ralph feeds his ALCO the fuel sending up a plume of exhaust. 
BP-41 running thru the west side reverse track gets a wave from 1/87th scale Larry D at the Hohman Ave Tower. 
BP-41 crosses the Empire City viaduct 
and crosses back to the main for access to the High Line
1/87th scale John B welcomes PC Ralph and BP-41 back to Bedford.
And now for the big test. The shoving of these long auto racks and mammoth auto parts boxcars into the Ford Plant. 
So far so good! Slow and steady is the way to go. 
Success! 1/87th scale PC Ralph comes thru another big test with flying colors as he spots the 86' boxcars. When introduced these over sized auto racks and boxcars presented coupling problems on the 1:1 scale railroads.  
And last but not least Rock Island 35062 is spotted at American Hardware. Much better than sitting in the box!
A very tired 1/87th scale PC Ralph and his conductor / brakeman are ready to head home for a well deserved rest. Nice job boys!
That's it for today. Tomorrow we'll pick up the action back at Terminal Yard and introduce another surprise.

And don't forget to check out Ralph's Kings Port Division blog as the freight cars forwarded to West Mill in P.C.C.M. 36B are showing up at West Mill now.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You and Ralph are pulling a classic Marvel Team Up comic edition, with action across multiple titles. 1/87 PC Ralph did a fine job delivering BP-41 with his classic ALCO power. Mixing Geeps and Cab units makes for a fun combination. I saw both the Rio Grande and BN mix them well into the 1980's. I wish I had taken more shots of them when I had the chance. Nice post and keep up the virtual ops Team Up style! 😉

  2. Thanks Brian!! Your memories of motive power mixes of cab units and Geeps make me envious. I never saw anything like that in person.

    A marvel team UP! great reference! I think I still have some of the Marvel Team UP comics from the 1970s. Spider Man was my favorite then and still is. He's kind of like the Penn Central. No matter what he did to save the city he got no respect ala Rodney Dangerfield and usually ended up getting blamed.

  3. Great bonus coverage! I'm still in awe over those tri-level auto racks, especially empty. Just something about them. 1/87th PC Ralph did a great job doing the shove into the Ford plant. Did we expect anything less?

    1. Thanks 1:1 Sir Neal! I agree there is something about those auto racks that just looks good. 1/87th Scale PC Ralph has learned his lessons well from the senior 1/87th scale engineers of the N.Y.C.T.L.!

  4. Thanks for letting us follow the journey of the Rock Island car! Have to say running it on a train must be a lot more enjoyable than simply putting it in a box until the next time it is called for an appearance at West Mill in the virtual ops scheme! AND we got another chance to see those beautiful PC auto racks! I'm envious of your ability to run them as they'd never make clearances on the K.P.D. Once again I'm very proud of my /87th namesake's prowess behind the throttle!

    1. Thanks for compliments Ralph! Much better than going straight into the box! The journey of the RI boxcar was fun to run along with the auto racks that are not easy to shove into the Ford Plant. And 1/87th scale PC Ralph did it in one take! You should be proud!