Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

P.C.C.M. 36B

Greetings All,

We'll pick up the action today with the dispatching of Train LS-1 from Terminal Yard to Chicago with a block of cars for West Mill on Ralph's Kings Port Division.

This P.C.C.M. series will have at least two separate trains leaving Terminal Yard with blocks of cars for West Mill which is a new twist for the P.C.C.M.s. That and the Rail Traffic Management Form are both under review to see if they meet our needs and increase the fun of the virtual ops. 

Enough of the preamble let's get to the action!

To: West Mill / Rock Ridge Yard
From: Terminal Yard

Dispatch of train LS-1 with a block of cars for West Mill

It's late evening at Terminal Yard and the switch crew is busy getting train LS-1 (Empire City to Chicago) due out at 12:50 AM 
ready for departure. 

Rock Island 50' boxcar 35062 is cut out of the inbound EC-3. This is a Rail Traffic Management Form move. Before the R.T.M.F. at this point this car would have been put into the virtual ops box.
The Rock Island boxcar is then shoved into track 3 being held for the next Bedford Park Train.  It has been designated for assignment for an empty car request from American Hardware to be loaded with bulk hardware for Quality Fabrications on Ralph's Layout. 
Meanwhile the power for LS-1 has coupled on. The guys are sad to see the GP30s heading back into Power Pool A
The block for West Mill; 
BAR 5226: Imported Teas for Cavendish Fine Foods & Spirits
PC 77047: 1/2 ton burlap bags for Hedberg Aggregates
P&LE 43892: Gears for Peerless Appliance
PC 104478: 55 gallon drums of ink for Canton Box
NYC 80779: 55 gallon drums of in for Canton Box.
PC 288673: Irrigation pipe for the Hudson Valley Ag Co Op
IC 30130: Cases of Beer for Reynolds Beverage.
TOFC Flats: Trailers for Williams Yard ramp. 
As LS-1 readies for departure over at Bedford Park Yard 1/87th scale PC Ralph is on duty and checking out his assigned power, an ALCO C424. The only C424 on the PC roster.
And here comes train SV-2 with empty auto racks and loaded auto parts boxcars for the Ford Plant in Bedford Park.
Train LS-1 has left Terminal Yard and is rolling thru Bedford NY.
The T.O.F.C cars for Williams Yard bring up the rear as a jade green NYC Road to the Future caboose brings up the markers.
Next Stop Selkirk!

Next installment we'll take a look at the Bedford Park Turn and see how that ALCO C424 works out.

Thanks for reading!


  1. To: Terminal Yard
    To: West Mill

    Fr: Rock Ridge

    Acknowledgement of Dispatch of train LS-1 with a block of cars for West Mill

    Rock Ridge Yard Out!

  2. Another great update to P.C.C.M. 36! Nice freight car details and their destination and I did like the pic showing the empty auto racks, just a great photo. Looking forward to the next installment!

  3. To: Terminal Yard/ Rock Ridge
    From: West Mill

    Acknowledge dispatch of train LS-1 with a block of cars for West Mill. Anticipate arrival on Train VW-1 tomorrow.

    West Mill Out.

    Enjoying seeing how the "intra-layout" moves such as the Rock Island car work as the "inter-layout" train LS-1 is dispatched! Action should be seen soon on the Kings Port Division. Gotta agree with Neal abut the auto racks!

  4. Really nice looking motive power and agree with Neal, SV-2 looks great crossing the bridge. PC Ralph should have fun at the throttle of C424.