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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Friday, June 16, 2017

P.C.C.M. 36A / Afternoon Empire City Turn and work at North Side Yard

Greetings All,

It'a time for the next installment of the virtual ops between the N.Y.C.T.L. and Ralph's Kings Port Division http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/ that we call the Penn Central Car Movements.  

Last blog entry I touched on the Rail Traffic Management Form (R.T.M.F.) being developed by Ralph and I to better cycle the current 'common cars' used in the virtual ops. I'll point out some of the new R.T.M.F. moves as we go forward. Some of this will look familiar from the R.T.M.F. post but it should all come together quickly.

Here's a R.T.M.F. route that we did not cover in the earlier blog entry. IC 40 boxcar# 30130 left Blue Ribbon Flour on Ralph's layout loaded with cake mixes for Pilgrim State Hospital an off layout industry on my layout accessed by my L.I.R.R. interchange at North Side Yard in P.C.C.M #29. The car (#4) then left P.S.H. empty on the L.I.R.R. for IC tracks heading back to North Side Yard. 

IC 30130 was then transported to Terminal Yard from North Side Yard by one of the Empire City Turns. An empty car request by Heileman Brewery for a shipment to  Kings Port NY had the car delivered there by an Empire City Turn after it arrived at Terminal Yard. With this move the foreign road car is still headed for it's home rails in accordance with prototype railroad practices.

And with that let's get started on P.C.C.M. 36!

To: West Mill / Rock Ridge
From: Terminal Yard
Subject: Afternoon Empire City Turn and work at North Side Yard

IC 40' Boxcar #30130 is picked up at Heileman's Brewery loaded with cases of beer for Reynolds Beverage Distributors in Kings Port NY by train EC-1, the morning Empire City Turn out of Terminal Yard.
Later that morning the North Side yard switcher pulled PC 77047 from Moor & CO loaded with 1/2 ton burlap bags for Hedberg Aggregates in Marion NY and then proceeded to pull BAR 5226 from Neubaum's Coffee & Tea Importers loaded with loaded with imported teas for Cavendish Fine Foods & Spirits in Mayfield NY.
Still working the West Side NYC 80775 is pulled from Dry Well Inks loaded with 55 gallon drums of ink fir Canton Box in West Mill NY.
In the early afternoon the North Side Yard Switch crew received clearance to run their train to Terminal Yard as Extra 6109 in order to clear the stacks taking PC 77047, BAR 5226, NYC 80775 and EL 73510 as part of their train.
The cars brought in by Extra 6109 were then shoved into track 8 for the building of Train  LS-1 which is due out of Terminal Yard at 12:50 AM or 0050 Hours
The next day the North Side Yard crew got busy with this string of cars left by the L.I.R.R. the day before.
The crew switched out the Gervais Pipe / Ralph's Grocery Warehouse lead picking up PC 288673 loaded with pipe for the Hudson Valley Coop via the Kings Port Team Track. Looks like that lunch and bottle of Cavendish worked wonders for 1/87th scale Bobby G's view of the railroad!
Also ready for pick up was this empty RI 50' boxcar #35062. This was one of the cars Ralph addressed in the R.T.M.F. giving a plausible route to get it on and off our layouts. 
The crew then proceeded to Prestage Gear where P&LE 40' boxcar #35892 loaded with gears for Peerless Appliance in Mayfield NY was ready for pick up.
As the day wore on the North Side Switcher was busy on the West Side picking up PC 77047 loaded with 55 gallon drums of ink for Canton Box. 
The North Side yard crew heads for home as they shove back towards the yard.
The train is now ready for departure to Terminal Yard.
The Afternoon Empire City Turn, train EC-3, meets Train VN-4 at Bedford NY. Hey there's EL 73510 from the last blog entry!
 EC-3 arrives at North Side Yard. I really like these GP30s!
A short time later it's time for the Empire City Turn, now Train EC-4, to head back to Terminal Yard.
EC-4 arrives at Terminal Yard 
The Terminal Yard Switcher gets busy pulling the caboose from EC-3
And shoves another cut of cars for the Kings Port Division's West Mill Yard into track 8 where Train #LS-1 for Chicago is being built.
That's it for today. The day shift Terminal Yard Switching crew is going off duty. We'll pick up the action in the next installment.

Thanks for reading!


  1. To: Terminal Yard/West Mill
    Fr: Rock Ridge

    Acknowledgement of Afternoon Empire City Turn and work at North Side Yard

    Rock Ridge Yard Out!

  2. Some great train movement on the N.Y.C.T.L.! Lot's of action, and as always, a great set of pictures with detailed comments. Looking forward to P.C.C.M. 36B!

  3. I'm still pondering the car management system. I have a job that cycles cars to a small shelf layout not connected with the main layout, and that could certainly be extended to sending a car to "Pilgrim State Hospital" (but actually a storage shelf here) on your layout. The problem would become how many participants there are and how much work this would be to maintain. Also, it looks like each layout owner has a slightly different car management system in house. It would be interesting to figure out how this would work if a JMRI layout found a way to send a car to a car-card layout.

    1. Some interesting thoughts John. Let's explore this further. Send me an email when you can and we can compare notes and ideas.

  4. I'm beginning to see the R.T.M.F. in action and how you guys are managing your car movements. Two thoughts on how the prototype handles some service. For the small off layout moves, maybe captive service between two industries. Full cars arrive and empties go straight back to the origin. Also keep in mind the average car only makes 20 to 25 round trips a year. So the rolling stock does a lot of sitting. Another great post and some good information 😃

    1. Hi Brian, Thanks for the compliments. Ralph and I have a few cars in what we call 'pool service' that are captive between two industries. These care are usually featured in every other P.C.C.M. so with 36 P.C.C.M.s in close to two years 18 trips is not bad. A lot of the R.T.M.F. moves are intra-layout which gives both of us some plausible switching opportunities and builds the illusion the cars are actually traveling to a location other than a box.

  5. Another great report. Can't decide what I like better, the car action or the storyline that describes it. The thing that always sticks out when I read these ops is how organized and efficient they appear to be. I am beginning to see how the R.T.M.F. helps make that happen. It will be fun to see how the system progresses when Neal joins in the fun.

    1. Thanks Double E!!! It's work for a lot of behind the scenes stuff that adds to the enjoyment of running the layout. Yes, it will be interesting when the A.P.R.R. come on board.

  6. To: Terminal Yard/Rock Ridge
    From: West Mill

    Acknowledge the work of the Afternoon Empire City Turn and work at North Side Yard

    West Mill Out.

    Everything is looking great on the N.Y.C.T.L., both in the panoramic and close up shots! Cars are coming together very nicely in this latest car movement. I think I mentioned before how much I like the diesel exhaust effect you created but its worth saying again. Mind if I copy that with an occasionally smokey Alco?

    1. Thanks for the compliments Ralph! Feel free to use the diesel exhaust effect anytime you want.