Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Friday, May 5, 2017

P.C.C.M. 34B

Greetings All,

Today we'll wrap up the P.C.C.M. 34 series with installment #34B.

To:         Rock Ridge Yard / West Mill Yard
From:    North Side Yard
Subject: Disposition of of freight cars forwarded to North Side                       Yard by the Atlantic Pacific Railroad

Penn Central #9942 and #9881 are the yard power for this installment. Below they are working train VN-4 that arrived at 7:00. VN-4 brought in seven cars from the AP's Rock Ridge Yard that were interchanged into the PC at Weehawken. After traveling up the River Line in train WV-2 the cars ended up in Selkirk where they were were cut into train VN-4 a Selkirk to Empire City train.   

Let's get to work!  
The Empire City cut has been cut from VN-4 and rolls thru the West Side as Train # Extra 9942.
 Extra 9942 makes its way over the Empire City viaduct.
First stop is dropping this Railbox car from Marcal Paper Products at Moore & Co.
 Heading towards the East Side on the industrial running track.
Two AP 50' RBLs are consigned to Neal's Lumber & Hardware with specially cut lumber from Mikes's Lumber Distributors. However we only have space for one!
No problem. We'll set the other AP car here until we hear from Neal's Lumber. This car is placed in "Constructive Placement' status and the demurrage clock is ticking. 
Now it's time to work the Gervais Pipe and Ralph's Grocery lead. The tail end of SV-1 can be seen to the left
We're pulling four loads of pipe from Gervais and three 50' reefers from Ralph's.
Now we can spot two 50' Railbox cars loaded with paper products from Marcal and one Tropicana RBL loaded with Tropicana products.
With Terminal Yard out of service the North Side Yard yardmaster has directed the Extra 9942 to use the West Side auxiliary track and reverse track for temporary car storage. Below Extra 9942 is back on the West Side and the needed storage tracks are to the right.  
Empty reefers are spotted and the flatcars are shoved into the reverse track. The empties can sit here until we can get them out of town as they are home road cars. The four flatcars of pipe will need to be moved out on the next available train to Selkirk.
Extra 9942 heads back to Terminal yard under it's new name, Extra 9881
There's still more work to be done as the crew needs to get this covered hopper car over to the Hostess / Wonder bread Plant in Bedford NY
Once again known as Extra 9942 this short train heads over the High Line
Heading towards the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge and Bedford NY
Rolling thru Bedford Station
And we have some work to do to get this car spotted. Freight cars are sitting on track 2 waiting to get into Terminal Yard and I think the Coal Job is sitting on track 1, I can see the top of it's old cupola caboose in the lower right.
The Wonder Bread covered hopper is now spotted at Wonder Bread. The empty PC hopper will stay put for now as there is no way to get it out of town right now and North Side Yard cannot handle any more cars. But don't worry it's also a home road car and there will be no per diem charges.  
With it's work at Bedford completed Extra 9881 heads back to Empire City and North Side Yard. 
 Thanks for reading!


  1. Boy, that's a huge amount of work! Scenery looks good!

    1. Yes it was! Thanks for the compliments!

  2. Agree with John, your local and yard crews had their hands full with all of the set outs and pick ups along the line. The local crew needs some well deserved beverages and maybe some spicy Cinco de Mayo themed food.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Brian! The boys will definitely be enjoying some cerveza and Cinco de Mayo food tonight!

  3. That is a fantastic shot of the Extra heading over the Empire City Viaduct. I think this is the largest workout for the NYCTL crews I have seen. This has to take a lot of planning to pull it off so smoothly. Too many great photos to comment on but that shot of the 2 AP boxcars unloading at Neal's Lumber is cool.

    1. Thanks for the compliments 1:1 scale Engineer Ed!!!

  4. To: North Side Yard
    From: West Mill Yard
    Subject: Disposition of of freight cars forwarded to North Side Yard by the Atlantic Pacific Railroad

    Nice work!

  5. To: North Side Yard
    To: West Mill Yard

    From: Rock Ridge

    Subject: Disposition of of freight cars forwarded to North Side Yard by the Atlantic Pacific Railroad

    Rock Ridge Yard Over and Out!

    1. 10-4. P.C.C.M. 34 is now closed.

  6. John, the layout looks great! The roads do indeed add more realism and depth to the layout. I hope to try the roadway tomorrow and see how I can make it work! One last thing, don't forget the last AP car gets the friends and family discount on the demurrage charges!

    1. Thanks for the compliments 1:1 Sir Neal! Looking forward to seeing how the paving project works on the AP. Good luck with it. Regarding the friends and family discount on the demurrage charges; you got it! Everything should come out even after the per diem charges for the 1st AP car that will languish in North Side Yard for awhile.