Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

P.C.C.M. 34A

Greetings All,

P.C.C.M. 34 is underway! This installment originated at Rock Ridge Yard on 1:1 Sir Neal's A.P.R.R. train layout. Neal, still working on getting his blog up to speed http://atlanticpacificrailroad.blogspot.com/  sent this out to the membership via the original email method we formerly used. Let's take a look at the action starting out at Rock Ridge Yard;

AP GP38-2 #300 pulls two AP RBL cars to the west side of Rock Ridge where they will be temporarily spotted.

AP#300 has picked up this Tropicana Evans RBL from the Tropicana Plant and shoves it into the yard. 
That done AP#300 has assembled the outbound train with seven cars for the N.Y.C.T.L.s Metro Division. The train will be travel from Rock Ridge to Weehawken NJ where the cars for the N.Y.C.T.L. will be picked up by the PC in train WV-2 and head  up the River Line to Selkirk.

AP Train # ROWV-11 leaves Rock Ridge NJ. Next stop Weehawken Yard before PC Train WV-2s cutoff time. 

To:          Rock Ridge Yard/ West Mill Yard
From:     North Side Yard
Subject: Arrival of PC Train VN-4 at North Side Yard

With temporary shut down of the track running past Hudson Coal and into Terminal Yard all trains into Empire City will be using North Side Yard for the immediate future. 

PC Train VN-4 takes the middle track to North Side Yard. The High Line track to Bedford and Terminal Yard is to the left. 
The freight cars from ROWV-11 / WV-2 made the cutoff time and are inbound for Empire City industries. The Tropicana RBL and two Railbox cars are headed for Ralph's grocery Warehouse.
The AP boxcars will be going to Neal's Lumber and Hardware. The Railbox car will go to Moore & Co and the covered hopper will head over to the Hostess / Wonder Bread Plant in Bedford NY
VN-4 comes in the back door at North Side Yard
An EMD GP38-2 painted in the older AP scheme and PC GE U30B #2875 lead the train in on track 3 
 VN-4 rolls to a stop at the west end of North Side Yard
 VN-4s power has cut off from the train and is on track 1 getting refueled by a contract fuel company. PC 9942 and 9881 are the yard power for today and they are getting ready to break down VN-4 for local deliveries and interchanges. 
Next installment we'll check out the set outs and pick ups at the local industries.
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. I like the pooled power consist! The PC 9942 and 9881 combo is another great lashup. Looking forward to seeing it at work! The white A.P.R.R. cars a nice look too.

  2. Those AP double door boxcars were a good investment for the increased train volumes. NYCTL is always putting together some exciting motive power combinations to keep the railfans coming back to Empire City. Emery should have invested in a trackside flat in Empire City, instead of that property in Michigan.

    1. Thanks Brian! Any time a compliment includes an Emery Gulash reference it really hits home as I am a big E.G. fan. Thank you for that!

  3. To: Terminal Yard
    To: West Mill

    From: Rock Ridge

    Acknowledgement arrival of PC Train VN-4 at North Side Yard

    Rock Ridge Out!

  4. I like the old color scheme of the A.P.P.R GP38-2. That shot of the 2 locos with the car carriers in back of them is pretty cool. Thanks for the update