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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

P.C.C.M.33C / Train Movements at North Side Yard

Greetings All,

Today we'll follow the crew at North Side Yard as they make the moves needed to get the inbound and outbound freight cars into the right places and trains.

The P.C.C.M. 33 series is the first series where we are putting together a rail traffic management form that Ralph V prepared. The R.M.T.F. is designed to maximize the freight cars used for the virtual ops on our layouts. So we'll be moving cars to destinations for loading or unloading that may not head out of the basement this round, but the next round. Once up and running the R.M.T.F. should enhance our virtual ops and solo home operating sessions. We'll keep everyone updated as we get this project off the ground.

First thing to do for this installment is to review the Dispatch Sheet(also prepared by Ralph) to the left, the note paper with the cars needed to be moved and the switch list put together from the note paper. 
1/87th scale Sir Neal and Conductor John will be working North Side Yard for the foreseeable future. Power for today will be an ALCO RS-2 and EMD Calf unit.
The NSY crew starts to get the yard in order and sort the cars.
A little ALCO turbo lag is evident as 1/87th scale Sir Neal throttles up. 
1/87th scale Conductor John is on the back porch protecting the shove. We're heading towards Hohman Ave to work the yard from this side.
PC 77047 is being pulled from track 3. Next we'll grab NYC 80775 sitting empty on track 1 to the right.
We've headed over to Neal's Lumber and Hardware to pick up empty EL 40' boxcar #73510
We're down at Red Wing Milling pulling NYC covered hopper 892010 loaded with Soy Flour for Blue Ribbon Flour in Kings Port NY
With a string of cars we're backing up towards the West Side with 1/87th scale conductor John manning the caboose porch.
With the train dropped just past Hohman Ave to the right we're picking up empty B&M RBL #110. This car will be forwarded to the Kings Port &Western to be sent to the Corning Glass Works. 1/87th scale conductor John is on the ground ready to connect the hoses.
1/87th scale conductor John connects the air hoses from B&M 110 to the caboose  while we temporarily block Hohman Ave.
 We're on the move thru the West Side reverse curve.
The next move for us is to pull this TP&W 40' boxcar from Walsh Steel Wool Products loaded with steel wool scraps for Boom's Ready Mix in Kings Port NY
With the TP&W car tacked onto our train on the EC viaduct we work the Moore & Co siding.
NYC 50' boxcar 80775 is spotted at Drywell Inks for loading with barrels of ink consigned to Canton Box in West Mill NY.  
We've finished our work by spotting BAR 40' boxcar# 5226 for loading at Neubaum's Coffee & Tea Importers, and PC 77047 and EL73510 for loading at Moore &Co. These cars along with NYC 80775 above will be featured in the next P.C.C.M. that originates on the N.Y.C.T.L. when they are pulled loaded from these shippers.
With our work done we head thru Empire City taking the scenic route back to North Side Yard.
 We've circled Empire City and are back at the Hohman Ave entrance to North Side Yard
1/87th scale Sir Neal has shoved the cars into track#3 and the guys are tying down the engines and caboose on track #1 in the distance.
With the morning's work done the time honored question of "You wanna eat?" is asked. Sure, where?
Where else...Dominick's Little Italy Restaurant! There is certainly something delicious on today's All You Can Eat menu!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Nice P.C.C.M. movement on the N.Y.C.T.L. I'm sure all of these industry owners are anxiously awaiting the arrival of goods. Always nice to see that a good meal awaits the crew after a hard day on the rails!

  2. Nice combination of pick ups and set outs! I see work building up for the Kings Port Division as cars are collected! Classy choice of locomotives wit the RS-2 and calf unit. I see the RS-2 provided the classic ALCO smoke show! Your scenic enhancements with shrubs, fences, and the long dock at North Side Yard really payoff in your photos!

    1. Thanks for the compliments on the motive power and scenery improvements Ralph!

  3. I really like your RS-2 and SW Calf switcher combo. Makes for a classic PC power lash up. I agree with Ralph, your smoke FX is a nice touch for the RS-2 powering up.