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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Penn Central Car Movement #30 / Dispatch of Unit Coal Train UKP-1

Greetings All,

There is a codicil in the Penn Central Car Movement planning documents that allows for the dispatching of unit trains from the receiving railroad to the originating railroad while another P.C.C.M. is in progress. Very simply Ralph originated P.C.C.M. #29. Once the outbound train left West Mill Ralph's K.P.D. would be free and clear of documenting any freight car movements for the week or more it takes for the receiving railroads to complete the series. 

So to keep the Kings Port Division's rails shiny and it's crews sharp a unit train will be sent to the K.P.D. today in the form of Unit Coal Train UKP-1 This train originates at Hudson Coal on the N.Y.C.T.L. and is put together at Terminal Yard. The train is consigned to Kings Port Steel and will travel to West Mill via car float.

Those of you who read P.C.C.M. 29D will remember this photo of a unit coal train awaiting a crew at Bedford Station. this was Ralph's tip off to be ready so he wouldn't be sandbagged.

To:        West Mill / West Mill Float Yard (K.P.D.)
              Port Owen Float yard (K.P.D.
              Rock Ridge Yard (A.P.R.R.) information only
From :   Terminal Yard
Subject: Dispatch of Unit Coal Train UKP-1 

Train: UKP-1
Engines: ex NH GP9 #1218, ex NH RS2 #0503
Caboose: ex NH #0523
Total Cars: 12
Loaded / Empty: 12/0
Origination: Hudson Coal, Bedford NY
Destination: Kings Port Steel, Kings Port NY
Routing: Mainline from Terminal Yard to Port Owen Float Yard. Car Float to West Mill Float Yard. West Mill to Kings Port Steel. 

The train crew for UKP-1 boards their lead engine, ex NH GP9 #1218. This train had been spotted here yesterday to open up some track space at Terminal Yard.
The front end of UKP-1
 The middle of UKP-1
And ex NH caboose 0523 brings up the markers. UKP-1 is performing an air brake test and getting ready to move out.
 UKP-1 is on the move crossing over to track 2 and heading towards Bedford Tower.
 Pulling hard towards the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge.
 On the High Line heading north.
 Next stop Port Owen!
   Terminal yard out...    


  1. To: West Mill / West Mill Float Yard (K.P.D.)
    Port Owen Float yard (K.P.D.
    Terminal Yard (N.Y.C.T.L.)

    From: Rock Ridge Yard (A.P.R.R.)

    Acknowledgement - Dispatch of Unit Coal Train UKP-1

    Rock Ridge Yard Out!

  2. To: Terminal Yard
    Port Owen Float Yard
    Rock Ridge
    From: West Mill

    Acknowledge dispatch of UKP-1. West Mill float yard anticipates arrival later today.

    West Mill Out