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Friday, March 24, 2017

P.C.C.M. 29F / Dispatch of Bedford Park Turn

Greetings All,

Today we'll redirect our efforts to P.C.C.M. 29F where the Bedford Park Turn will be dispatched from Terminal Yard, work industries as needed in Bedford NY, head into Empire City proper for turning on the West Side and then work the industries at Bedford Park before returning back to Terminal Yard.

The power for the Bedford Park Turn today is Fairbanks Morse H16-44 #7698. 1/87th scale Engineer Ed will be at throttle.
The B.P.T. is leaving the yard as 1/87th scale conductor John mans the rear platform wondering what he did wrong to deserve this crummy crummy.
First stop is Hudson Coal where we'll spot these two ex PRR empty hoppers for loading. The NYC covered hopper is consigned to the Hostess Plant in Bedford NY
The B.P.T. heads thru Bedford Station and crosses onto track 2. We have bypassed the Hostess plant due to a b/o car blocking access.
A fair amount of mail and express is still being shipped on the N.Y.C.T.L. despite the nation wide trends that have this railroad traffic plummeting.
Heading towards the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge we note some Police activity on Market Street at the Ace Cafe.
 Heading thru the West Side reverse curve.
1/87th scale Double E has turned the train and we are heading to Bedford Park 
Bedford Tower Operator 1/87th scale John B gives us the green signal and has the track lined for us to switch over to track 3
 We're shoving back to beford Park Yard
We've dropped the caboose and the NYC covered hopper in the yard and are spotting these three 60' boxcars of Auto Parts from Acme Auto Parts at the Ford Plant.
A NYC 50' boxcar load of appliances from Peerless Appliance is spotted at All-City Storage. The NYC covered hopper should have been spotted at Hostess. A boxcar with a damaged door blocked us from accessing the the spot needed to drop the car off .
We check in at the Bedford Park Yard office and call a carman to respond to Hostess to fix the boxcar.

Leaving Bedford Park with four empty 60' boxcars, an empty Freon tank car from Ford and the covered hopper.
Making our way thru Bedford as we head back to Terminal Yard. That PC hopper to the right of the caboose occupies the spot needed to drop the NYC hopper. The offending boxcar is just out of sight to the right. 
 The ACI scanner welcomes us back to Terminal Yard. 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. To: West Mill (K.P.D.)
    To: Terminal Yard (N.Y.C.T.L.)

    Fr: Rock Ridge Yard (A.P.R.R.)

    Acknowledgement - Dispatch Bedford Park Turn

    Rock Ridge Yard Out!

  2. As always a great report to go along with some great photos. Looks like lots of revenue to be generated. Hope the boys on the N.Y.C.T.L. aren't overdoing it. Don't need any call outs for illness or injury.

    Sir Neal

    1. Thanks for the compliments 1:1 Sir Neal! The rail cars keep coming in and the boys don't mind putting in a full day. Or they just complain behind my back!