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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

P.C.C.M. 28G / Dispatch of train LS-1

P.C.C.M. 28G is the final installment of this series from the N.Y.C.T.L. The action will continue on Ralph V's Kings Port division blog site in a day or so;

Today we'll be sending PC Train LS-1 from Terminal Yard representing New York City yards to it's terminus, Elkhart Indiana. Prior to the PC merger New York Central train LS-1 ran from New York City to Chicago, terminating at the Cicero Ave Yard.

LS-1s first stop after leaving New York City is Selkirk Yard. This is where the cars for the Kings Port Division and Atlantic Pacific RR will be dropped off. The K.P.D. and A.P.R.R will continue the action from that point. Let's take a look at the virtual ops dispatch of train LS-1 

To:     West Mill
           Rock Ridge
From: Terminal Yard

Dispatch of Train LS-1
Engines: 7675, 8024, 6018
Caboose: 24524
Total cars: 18
Block 1: Rock Ridge NJ; 7 cars
Block 2: West Mill NY proper; 3 cars
Block 3: Kings Port NY; 3 cars
Block 4: Mayfield NY; 3 cars
Block 5: Marion NY: 2 cars

Penn Central GP38 7675 is fresh out of the paint shop. Nicknamed Sir Larry after 1:1 Sir Larry of Flemington who graciously donated this engine to the N.Y.C.T.L. fleet. That's 1/87th scale Larry D riding the front porch showing off his engine to the guys.
PC 7675 was the first GP38 bought by the PC arriving June of 1969.
 A trio of EMDs with 7675 in the lead are the power for LS-1
7675 leads the train out of Terminal Yard past the local still and doesn't merit a look from the proprietor. 1/87th scale Sir Larry has fallen over at the sight of the still so close to the right of way.
LS-1 rolls thru Bedford NY past a string of empty hoppers getting ready to be switched into Hudson Coal
Rolling thru Bedford Station with 1/87th scale Larry D back on his feet and waving to the waiting passengers.
7675 stops at Bedford Tower and both 1/87th scale Larry D and John B give the crew a wave as they head off to Selkirk.
The Rock Ridge block passing Bedford Tower
Here comes the West Mill block
LS-1 Crosses the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge in the background. A NYC passenger train crosses over Water Street while another NYC passenger train heads towards Empire city Station. Market Street is to the lower left and it looks like the Market Street Mob is out enjoying the weather. More on that in an upcoming blog entry.
  LS-1 rolling across the High Line
Train LS-1 in profile on the High Line
Next stop Selkirk
Terminal Yard out...

Thanks for reading!
Don't forget to follow up with the action on the Kings Port Division! http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/


  1. Liking the new GP38 complete with ACI plaques on its sides! Cars for West Mill were cut from LS-1 at Selkirk and placed in train VW-2 (Selkirk to Weehawken)that will make an intermediate stop at West Mill Yard. http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks for the compliments Ralph! Looking forward to following the action on the K.P.D.!

  2. The new addition to the N.Y.C.T.L. looks great. As always, the details on the move along with the photos makes it feel like you're trackside. The A.P.R.R. is getting ready to pick up their string of cars to be taken to Rock Ridge yard for delivery to its customers!

    1. Thanks for the compliments 1:1 Sir Neal! Looking forward to following the action on the A.P.R.R.!!
      Psst...I think it's time for the A.P.R.R. to start it's own blog so the general public can follow the action.

  3. 7675 is looking sharp. I like the GP38's without the box filters. I think PC had the lion's share of the GP38's made without them. Nice looking train as well! Business is booming for the PC in 2017

    1. Thanks ATJOE1972!! Interesting comment on the PC GP38 air filter boxes. I think they paper filter was an option on the GP38 and the PC ordered most of them stock with no options other than dynamic brakes. Meaning hey would have the oil bath filters used during that time. They did have a few without dynamic brakes and with a larger cab for dual cab control.

    2. To my best understanding of the GP38 production, sometime in 1971 EMD added the paper box filter to the GP38 as part of their Dash 2 improvements. Even though they look like Dash 2's on the outside they are still GP38's internally. Which is cool for modelers of the PC. They had all three types of GP38's and GP38-2's. You could back date a GP-38-2 by filling in the sight glass and replace the fans? I'm not sure when EMD changed the fan styles. That would give another version of GP38 for the fleet. Like you mentioned with non-dynamic models, that would be four versions. Thank you PC and EMD for the modeling variety. The NYCTL does a great job adding that variety to its fleet as well.

  4. I'm probably driving you guys nuts with all of the PC GP38 comments. PC 7675-7737 and PRSL 2000-2004 were the only oil bath filter GP38's on the roster. The rest of the fleet had the paper box filters. EMD made the switch sometime in 1969. I'll take either style in PC Black.

    1. Joe you keep the PC tidbits coming! PC Ralph, 1:1 Sir Neal and myself are huge fans of the PC and welcome your knowledge and input. Make sure you check out Ralph's blog for some real cool PC projects. http://kingsportdivision.blogspot.com/
      Thanks again! John