Custom Painted P-2000 units

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

P.C.C.M. 28F


To:      West Mill
           Rock Ridge
From: Terminal Yard

Building of Train LS-1

A fan favorite trio of Baldwin S12s are working Terminal Yard
The building of train LS-1 starts with these cars from Bedford Park brought in by the Bedford Park Turn.
The switch crew has started pulling cars from EC-3 as evidenced by these two empty hoppers that came into North Side Yard on the L.I.R.R. interchange freight and ended up at Terminal Yard courtesy of Train EC-3.
The rear brakeman is pulling the pins and attaching the hoses in the finest of brakeman traditions.
The crew is spotting PC 104478 which will be part of the West Mill block. PC Gondola 288673 is part of the Kings Port Block and the NYC Pacemaker car will be blocked for Rock Ridge
West Mill cars on the left, Rock Ridge cars on the right and the brakeman is conserving energy.
The Rock Ridge block is shoved back and the crew exchange some info regarding the rest of the West Mill cars coming in on Track 9 to the left. 
The crew is now working the Mayfield block
At last but not least these two cars for West Mill are coupled on.
 LS-1 is now being shoved back into track 1, the departure track. Caboose 24524 has been coupled on.
 Cutting from the West Mill Yard cars
 Pulling the Rock Ridge cars from track 8 to the departure track
Putting LS-1 together on track 1 and adding the Rock Ridge cars.
Terminal Yard out...

P.C.C.M. 28E

P.C.C.M. 28E

To:     West Mill
           Rock Ridge
           North Side Yard
From: Terminal Yard

Dispatch of train EC-3 (Afternoon Empire City Turn) from Terminal Yard to North Side Yard. Part 2

Train EC-3 heads around the West Side towards North Side Yard
Approaching Hohman Ave Tower and getting a roll by inspection from 1/87th scale Larry D
With it's train dropped on track 3 the EC-3 power heads east thru the yard so it can run around and tie up on the western side of the yard to be ready for departure when the crew returns from their visit to Dominick's Italian Restaurant.
While the EC-3 crew shoves in the pasta the North Side Yard crew drills the yard and gets the freight cars ready for EC-3's return to Terminal Yard. Due to the length of today's EC-3 the crew will build the train on the mainline
The switch engines start shoving back towards North Side Yard 
The outbound EC-3 is built and the caboose is tacked on
Engines are coupled on and an air test is under way. EC-3 is ready to head back to Terminal Yard
EC-3 stops at University Lumber to pick up these two boxcars of cabinets. PC 160502 and TPFX 5510 are consigned to the Battaglia Brothers Warehouse in Kings Port NY 
EC-3 is back under way as it heads into the T&R Gravel curve
and arrives at Terminal Yard
Terminal Yard out...

Monday, February 27, 2017

P.C.C.M. 28D

P.C.C.M. 28D

To:      West Mill
           Rock Ridge
           North Side Yard
From: Terminal Yard

Dispatch of train EC-3 (Afternoon Empire City Turn) from Terminal Yard to North Side Yard. Part 1

The North Side Yard train crew is back at work sorting cars from the L.I.R.R.
1/87th scale Brakeman PC Ralph is on the ground pulling the pins and connecting the air hoses.The empty PRR hopper is heading back to Hedbergs Aggregates in Marion NY
With 1/87th scale Sir Neal at the throttle PC Ralph knows he'll be looked after by the engine men.
Right now the guys are blocking cars scheduled to leave North Side Yard with Train EC-3, The Afternoon Empire City Turn.
Cars for the A.P.R.R. can be seen at the left on track 1 and cars for the K.P.D. are on track 2. 1/87th scale PC Ralph is on track 3 waiting for the engines and caboose to come pick him up so the work can continue farther to  the eastern side of the yard.
With their switch work done 1/87th scale Conductor John checks his watch and let's the guys know that EC-3 has left Terminal Yard
And right on time EC-3 is heading at Bedford NY where it will do some switching work prior to arriving at North Side Yard.
Cars to be picked up include these two cars laded with food containers. B&M #105 is consigned to Freihoefers Bakeries on the A.P.R.R. B&M #109 is cionsigned to cavendish Fine Foods in Mayfield NY on the K.P.D.
This empty Wonder Bread ACF Center Flow Hopper wil be heading to Cargill on the A.P.R.R.
The pick ups are switched into EC-3 
With the switching work done for this portion of the trip EC-3 has the green signal at Bedford Station and heads for the C.V. Bridge and the High Line
More to follow in the next installment...
Terminal Yard out.

P.C.C.M. 28C

P.C.C.M. 28C 

To:     West Mill
           Rock Ridge
           Terminal Yard
From:  North Side Yard

Arrival and departure of L.I.R.R. transfer freight.

L.I.R.R. transfer freight Extra 607 rolls thru Bedford NY on it's daily run to North Side Yard.
 Extra 607 rolls across the High Line and into Empire City
With the arrival of the L.I.R.R. train the 1/87th scale train crews engage in the time honored shooting of the breeze.
With all current events covered the L.I.R.R. crew is ready to depart North Side Yard.
A sharp looking yellow caboose brings up the markers on the L.I.R.R. train as it heads towards it's home rails.
North Side Yard out...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

P.C.C.M. 28B

P.C.CM. 28B is underway!

To:     West Mill
           Rock Ridge
           Terminal Yard
From: North Side Yard

Switching industries at Empire City

The go to 1/87th scale train crew are together today to work out of North Side Yard.
New York Central SW8s and calf are the power at N.S.Y. today
 The crew pull out of the yard and head towards Hohman Ave
The train has crossed over onto the industrial lead and shoves towards the East Side
With the caboose dropped on the lead the first car picked up is PC gondola #288673 loaded with pipe for the Hudson Valley Ag Coop.
The train has shoved back to pick up these cars from Ralph's Grocery Warehouse. The Tropicana car is headed back to the NJ Tropicana plant on the A.P.R.R.  
Next stop is Neal's Lumber and Hardware where we pick up this old NYC Pacemaker boxcar loaded with layout lumber for Mike's Lumber Supply on the A.P.R.R.
We're over on the West Side and pulling two more old NYC Pacemaker boxcars from Walsh Steel Wool Products. The cars are loaded with fine bits of steel wool used to strengthen concrete. The loads are consigned to Phipps Cement on the A.P.R.R.
This RailBox car is being pulled from Moore & Company. Loaded with bulk paper it's headed to Marcal on the A.P.R.R. 
40' PC boxcar #104478 is pulled from Drywell Inks loaded with drums of ink for Canton Box in West Mill NY. This was a traffic managers dream move. The PC car came to Drywell loaded with new 55 gallon drum in P.C.C.M. 27 and leaves loaded with 55 gallon drums of ink in P.C.C.M. 28. That's model railroading efficiency! 
Back at North Side Yard the crew does some car blocking while waiting for the L.I.R.R. transfer freight. The beginnings of a loading platform can be seen taking shape on the right.
Cars are being spotted for the L.I.R.R. are on track 1 to the left and the cars for Terminal Yard are on track 2
With the switching work done the crew takes a break to stretch their legs and probably grab a bite to eat.
 North Side Yard out...