Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Walsh Steel Wool Products

Greetings All,

The Empire City Chamber of Commerce welcomes Walsh Steel Wool Products to Empire City!

An unidentified and operationally unused building has finally gotten an identity. I built this building several years ago to occupy this space but could never come up with a name for it or what industry it should represent. Fast forward several years later and I just recently saw a photo of a Steel Wool factory in the background of a PC baggage car photo. Steel Wool? Hmm... 

I checked the Steel Wool manufacturing process and was happy to see that Steel Wool would make a good model railroad industry and fit into the "virtual ops" between the N.Y.C.T.L., Ralph V's K.P.D. and Neal's A.P.R.R. very nicely.

Inbound shipments for the steel wool process would include steel rod from Kings Port Steel(KPD) or Shapeless Steel Works(APRR). Cutting oil from the Gulf River Facility (KPD). Packaging materials from Canton Box (KPD)

Outbound shipments would be the finished product itself to Mike's Lumber (APRR), ACME Auto Parts(KPD) and Ideal Auto Parts (APRR) for muffler manufacturing. Scrap would go to Boom's Ready Mix(KPD) and Phipps Cement(APRR). Not bad!

For a name I looked no farther than my 1:1 scale partner in model train crime Engineer Ed. Plus his last name was easy to spell!

Let's take a look at the project for the newly named Walsh Steel Wool Products;

The 1/87th gang has gathered at this under utilized building located on the West Side of Empire City. 1/87th scale Sir Neal and 1/87th scale PC Ralph are trying to talk 1/87th scale Engineer Ed to make the investment in Empire City. 
A week later the guys have returned and 1/87th scale Engineer Ed is proudly showing off his new enterprise
Signs are in place and Walsh Enterprises is ready to open
A view from the layout corner
Close up of the North side of the building
The two car siding
The first freight cars arrive!
Looking closely we see the 1/87th gang has relocated across the street and is checking out the trains at Empire City Station while the first boxcars are spotted. 
Now in operation these boxcars loaded with steel wool scrap are pulled as part of the virtual ops between the N.Y.C.T.L., the K.P.D and the A.P.R.R. This photo is from the P.C.C.M. 26 series.  
Walsh Steel Wool Products makes a great backdrop for these beautiful AP 50 foot RBL Boxcars.
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Welcome Walsh Steel Wool Products to Empire City! On behalf of the management of the A.P.R.R., we look forward to servicing your rail needs helping you grow and prosper in Empire City!

  2. My thanks to 1/87th scale Sir Neal for his influence and making this momentous occasion possible. Looking forward to seeing more A.P.R.R. freight moves from this industry!

  3. I didn't know anything abut the steel wool industry until you described what commodities it might take in and to whom it might ship! I'm impressed with all of the operational possibilities. Great choice of industry for that building!

    1. Thanks Ralph! it's nice to finally have that building add to the operations of the layout.