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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Bedford Tower

Greetings All,

A couple of entries ago I introduced the shelf portions of my layout formerly known as 'Shelf City' or 'Industry City' as the newly named Bedford NY. With naming assistance from fellow modeler and blogger John Bruce this section of the layout now has a nice identity, a sense of purpose and some visual interest. In keeping with N.Y.C.T.L. tradition the new Bedford Tower operator will be named 1/87th scale John B. to show my appreciation for his assistance.

Check out 1:1 John Bruce's modeling and blog here:

Lets take a look at this newly upgraded area of the New York Central Train Layout;

The karma must have been right. I remembered I had this BEDFORD water tower for many years and now I can finally use it with the name facing forward. Here it below as I start to gather some details and scenery for the area. 

The soon to be Bedford Tower and Tower Operator 1/87th scale John B.

A little more mock up has a walkway leading to the tower and a small freight platform for the operators to receive supplies.

I've added some walls in this area for pedestrian safety and railroad right of way security.
The red zone is for Tower Operator parking only. A perk of the job that 1/87th scale John B insisted on.
Truth be told he would have a long commute!
To the right of the red zone is the entry to the walkway that leads to the tower.

Bedford Station building and passenger platforms are to the left. 

Mail and Express shipments going in and out of Bedford Station can be staged here. 

An REA tractor trailer makes a scheduled stop.

I removed the building flat that can be seen in photo number 1 and added fauna, flora, trees and other details to the scene. I think it is coming together very nicely.

A wider angle with some new trees blending into the backdrop

Bedford Tower operator 1/87th scale John B. has left the tower and waits on the platform with a green signal and maybe some train orders. Part of the labor negotiations to bring 1/87th scale John B to Bedford included unlimited fresh milk as noted by the milk cans on the platform.

 Looking down the tracks 1/87th scale John B. has aligned the tracks and is outside the giving a green lantern signal. A Policeman is at the tower's walkway entrance which is restricted to railroad employees and authorized visitors. 

The Patrolman keeps a watch on 1/87th scale John B's car and the red zone which is for tower operator parking only. Looks like John may have already had a hubcap nicked.
That black Cadillac convertible sure looks familiar.

Well look at that! 1/87th scale Sir Neal, 1/87th scale PC Ralph, 1/87th scale Engineer Ed and
 1/87th scale Larry D pay 1/87th scale John B a visit and welcome him to the layout
as a joint PC / A.P.R.R. caboose hop rolls by . 

The PC / A.P.R.R. caboose hop to North Side Yard heads towards the richly wooded curve that will take the train onto the High Line and the Cornelius Vanderbilt Memorial Bridge. 

Next episode I'll focus on the new Bedford Station passenger station and platforms. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. The Bedford project has really come out nice. If your purpose was to give this area identity and purpose, then you nailed it. Very nice construction details and scenicing. As always it was great stopping by to see Bedford not to mention meeting up with Ralph, Neal and Larry.

    Just who owns that beautiful black Caddy? Surely there is a story to that classic.

    Both the project and the blog entry are very well done. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the compliments 1:1 Engineer Ed! The black Cadillac belongs to 1/87th scale Sir Neal. As a business mogul and railroad baron it is a fitting car for him in the 1/87th scale community.

  2. Hey, thanks! Even if it's against the rules, if Emery Gulash shows up, I'll let him come upstairs to film trains!

  3. Glad you approve John! Thank you for the assistance. If 1/87th scale Emery Gulash shows up please give him all the access to the area he needs. You never know! Thanks again!

  4. What a great report on Bedford Tower and the surrounding area. Glad to see the other executives enjoyed meeting 1/87th John B. Also, I appreciate the E.C.P.D. keeping an eye on my car. Please let them know the 'associate discount' will always be given anytime to the boys...

    1. Thank you 1:1 Sir Neal! The entire E.C.P.D. knows the black Cadillac and know you get to park anywhere on the layout at anytime. The boys appreciate your show of tribute especially during these troubling times.