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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bedford Station

Greetings All,

Last week we took a look at the new Bedford Tower so let's take a look this week at the new Bedford Station.

An oldie but goody Model Power train station that I built when first getting back into the hobby about 20 years ago. I added the 'Bedford Station' sign to the structure for it's current assignment 

A New York Central RDC is the first passenger car to stop at Bedford Station. An R.EA. truck exchanges express shipments. 1/87th scale Sir Neal Himself , 1/87th scale Engineer Ed and 1/87th scale PC Ralph watch the action while a passenger asks the conductor 'does this train stop at 42nd Street'?

The Bedford Station covered platforms

A local train has rolled in while the camera man gets a friendly wave from a waiting passenger

NYC GP7 5756 is today's power while the head end cars get worked during the stop

Carefully unloading the NYS&W 40' boxcar while under supervision

The Lee Way truck will take the large crate to it's consignee. The truck and trailer are Athearn kits and represent the first 1/87th scale tractor trailer kit I bought and built. 

A NYC SW 8 with a short string of Pacemaker Cars has stopped at Bedford Station to pick up additional L.T.L. freight and lo and behold the NYC employees receive a surprise when opening the door.

HOBO's! Aboard a Pacemaker car no less! The Bulls will take care of this ASAP

Progressing thru the years Bedford Station continues to serve the passengers and businesses of Bedford  well into the PC era. 

A later REA Express tractor trailer and a pair of PC B60B baggage cars  behind a PC E7A 

We're into the PC era as a mix of NYC and NH passenger cars make up this passenger train. That guy waving is still a commuter and what changes he has seen. If he could talk he would scream! 

New signage has been added to the covered platforms. 1/87th scale Sir Neal's private varnish 'Nassau County' has rolled in behind 1/87th scale PC Ralph's private sleeper car. Looks like 1/87th scale PC Ralph and 1/87th scale Engineer Ed are discussing important matters on the platform.

 1/87th scale PC Ralph's private car and his corvette at Bedford Station

The 1/87th scale gang talk it over on the platform before boarding their respective cars. 1/87th scale Engineer Ed has assured the boys that he will be at the throttle and the trip will be fast and smooth. Meanwhile a trainman looks to make a quick call to his bookie to place some action on today's races at Aqueduct Race Track. This being before O.T.B. came to be.  

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  1. Hey John, great tour through time at Bedrod Station. That was creative and it was fun to observe the changes in rolling stock and trucks over the years. Hoboes in a Pacemaker! If the looks of that office in the foreground of your 9th photo are any indication those riders are about to regret their decision. The Model Power station building has great lines and definitely fit the bill at its new (old!) location. Your low level shots at the platform are very appealing. As a passenger, not seeing the cars' trucks as the train waits at the platform makes the train seem kind of magical, As if it just glided into the station. I hope that poor commuter gets to retire some day after all those years but he still seems to be a good natured fella since he's always willing to wave!

    1. Thanks for the compliments Ralph! This was a fun blog entry to put together as I got to run a bunch of trains from different eras. As for the hobos rumor has it the NYC cops took them over to the nearest PRR yard and put them on a Merchandise Service Boxcar. Our Bedford Station commuter is a fixture here at Bedford Station. Word is once he retires he'll just come back daily to sit and watch the trains.

  2. Hi John! As always, a great story on Bedford Station and how it came to be. Your passenger train lineup is always impressive, and of course Ralph and I are grateful that our private cars graced the station, and without any extra tariff! Now, I do hope the E.C.P.D. went easy on the hobos as they only know of the road! The Pacemaker lineup is a favorite of mine, as you know. Looking forward to the next installment of the N.Y.C.T.L.!!

    1. Thanks you for the compliments Sir Neal! No train station opening or introduction would be complete without the 'Nassau County' being in attendance! The hobos were treated fairly. They were escorted to the nearest PRR yard and put on a Merchandise Service boxcar. An internal security review has been undertaken to see how these hobos gained access to the boxcar. Can't have the 'Pacemaker' being delayed!