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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Train Movements & New Scenes

Greetings All,

Below are some photos of my newest  diesel and some train movements in the newly finished scenery.

Long Island Railroad RS3 #1556 has officially joined the fleet. This is an Atlas Classic model bought on the used market using the consulting services of the N.M.D.C. 

Gervais Pipe and Fitting has stepped up production and is busy with both rail and road freight.

A tractor trailer gets loaded while Bobby G grabs another load of pipe for the next rail car shipment.

Heavy congestion over at Ralph's Grocery Warehouse and Distribution. Construction has snarled traffic and the Empire City PD have been called out to get everything moving along. 1/87th scale PC Ralph is standing on the corner (usually watching all the girls go by) watching the action.

The siding at Ralph's Warehouse has three boxcars ready to be picked up

Looking down the siding Gervais Pipe and Ralph's Warehouse are both hubs of activity with outbound freight cars ready to be picked up. The Cargill Facility behind the bus terminal and adjacent to Gervais Pipe has also requested the loaded hoppers get picked up.

Before we can get to the new scenery locations we first have to work some existing locations. First car to be delivered is this flat car with a tired old excavator from Sal Monella's Auto Salvage in Kings Port NY. Sal's trading in this tired old model for a new one.

    Next we head over to Neal's Lumber and Hardware as the Empire Belt gets 
ready to switch out an empty RF&P boxcar

The cars roll out of Neal's yard 

TPFX 5510 with a load of door and window frames from 
the Battaglia Brothers Warehouse  has been spotted 

Back to East side and the newly scenicked areas. The E.B. is pulling cars from the long siding.
Looking to the left we see the empty RF&P boxcar from Neal's Lumber, a gondola with a large gear load from Prestage gear and an empty A.P.R.R. covered hopper that will go to Cargill on the right..

The outbound cars have been pulled and the Empire Belt's leased LIRR RS3 is spotting the inbound cars at Ralph's and Gervais Pipe. The two hopper cars will go to Gargill

Two loaded boxcars for Ralph's Grocery Warehouse

An empty 50' boxcar for Gervais Pipe and Fitting

The Cargill spur has been worked and the Terminal Yard Transfer train is being assembled.

Leased LIRR RS1 #461 in the Worlds Fair paint scheme couples up to the RS3. The extra power will be needed to make the grade up to Terminal Yard. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those Long Island units look especially nice. There's a good DVD covering the Long Island in this era

  2. Thanks for the compliments and the link John!

  3. Another very nice addition to the roster! The two L.I. units look great together! Wish I could find some PC grey covered hoppers like the one in your second photo. Seems there is always something interesting going on near Ralph's Grocery Warehouse!

    1. Thank you Ralph! That gray PC hopper is an Accurail product. Ralph's Grocery Warehouse and Gervais Pipe and Fitting have really benefited from the virtual ops catalyst!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Bobby! I've noted your 1/87th scale self has become quite good at working that heavy duty forklift!