Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Monday, May 9, 2016

Gervais Pipe And Fitting

Greetings All,

This week I finally got layout industry Gervais Pipe and Fitting photo worthy. After at least a year languishing in analysis paralysis mode G.P.& F. is now a photographically sought after destination. Named after fellow modeler, train buddy and New Haven RR fan Bobby G from TrainLife.com this industry has been in the works for quite awhile. So as I promised Bobby here it is...

Gervais Pipe and Fitting with Ralph's Grocery Warehouse further down the siding in March 2016.

Fast forward to May 2016
 Signage on the siding lets operators know exactly what industry this is.

Fencing has been installed and the pipe yard has received some attention

With just the fencing installed the scene has been upgraded quite nicely 

That's 1/87th scale Booby G in his new heavy duty fork lift

Bobby's moving a pipe load thru the yard

The yard is looking better with the addition of some pipe loads, a tractor trailer and heavy duty fork lift.

 New signs easily identify this building
Looks like 1/87th scale Bobby G has used the sidewalk to park his Olds 4-4-2   

A little more detail to the yard and some fauna and flora have Gervais Pipe and Fitting coming alive.

The pipe yard is quite busy with multiple forklifts working
plus the addition of crates of "fittings"
Note the heavy duty fork lift loading the flatcar

Pipe loads for the three flatcars have been  placed and the yard crew is busy getting their products loaded.

 A New haven H16-44 shoves a cut of covered hoppers towards Cargill.
No coincidence that 1:1 Bobby G is a New Haven fan and a NH boxcar and engine are featured

 The siding with Ralph's Grocery Warehouse and Gervais Pipe and Fitting is now ready for their respective camera close ups.


  1. Terrific work livening up Gervais Pipe! The fencing, signage, busy yard filled with product, the forklift, and foliage all improve the scene! Looking forward to sending some car movements that way!

  2. Thanks Ralph! It was a long time coming, Glad Bobby G was patient and did not pull his name from the industry. Looking forward to the incoming rail traffic from the K.P.D.!