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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Trains Keep Running and The Projects Keep Coming Part 2

Greetings All,

Another busy week on the New York Central Train Layout has more trains running and a couple of projects completed. Let's take a look;

Terminal Yard switch crew on board an NYC SW8 roll under the newly installed tank car unloading structure and overhead piping as they enter the Ford Plant tracks. Seasoned switch crews leave the caboose back at Terminal Yard to make pulling and sorting cars in this tight area easier and more efficient.

The 9608 couples up to two empty breadbox trough cars on the steel car unloading track. 
A new asphalt roadway has been installed. 
The brakeman has attached the brake hoses and the train is building air pressure.

The engineer and crew have maneuvered 9608 onto the east track past the Ford Plant switches 
9608 will uncouple and back through the switch towards All City Storage in the left rear of the photo. 

9608 sans caboose can now clear the east side track switch points without having to handle the freight cars at All City Storage. A big time saver. 9608 can now proceed down the west track and get in front of the coil steel cars pulled from Ford.

9608 has coupled up and shoved back to pick up the three empty breadbox trough cars behind 
the Rock Island tractor trailer.

Meanwhile over in Empire City two GP35s are clearing out North Side Yard and picking up outbound cars destined for Terminal yard and points beyond. 

Covered hoppers pulled from Cargill 

A loaded NYC Pacemaker car is pulled from Neal's Lumber & Hardware. Those that have followed this blog know that Neal's L&H is a big time rail customer and continues to use Pacemaker cars for shipping their merchandise whenever possible.

Boxcars being shoved back under under Superior Furniture. Superior Furniture has gained a new interior. One of those projects that keep on coming. Actually it's been waiting patiently for four years. 
Pay no attention to that Conrail trailer photo bombing us.

A Superior Furniture loading dock worker enjoys the new loading dock and the train action. 

Window shades, floors and a new blue carpet on the upper level management offices highlight the upgrades.

Neubaum's Coffee & Tea Importers has loaded this colorful 40' BAR boxcar with imported teas for new online rail customer Cavendish Fine Foods and Spirits located in Kings Port NY 

The Terminal Yard switch crew is on the industrial siding picking up loaded boxcars from University Lumber and Berk Enterprises. The crew does a rolling inspection for the freight train on the right headed towards Terminal Yard.

The GP35s return caboose light to North Side Yard

An EMD / GE lash up leads train LS-1 ( NY to Elkhart) out of Terminal Yard. 

Block 2 will be removed at Selkirk for delivery to various industries on the Kings Port Division

Block 3 is this six car block of Breadbox Trough Coil Cars also known as clam shell coil cars. The block will also be dropped at Selkirk for delivery to Kings Port Steel 

Jaded commuters don't bother to check out the freight engines and train rumbling past the station platform.

Next Stop Selkirk!

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  1. John, that's truly impressive activity. I like all the added details. One thing I picked up along the way railfanning is that a yard job can have a switcher with no toilet, and it can have no caboose, so no toilet there, either. You need to go, head for the yard office. A local that leaves the yard has to have a toilet, which can be either an RS or GP (toilet in the short hood) or a caboose. So your job with the switcher basically has to keep the caboose with toilet fairly close.

    In the last gasping days of the SP, you could see this on locals in the LA area. A job with SW1500s had to have a caboose, pretty much the last ones around. GP9s, 35s, 38-2s, or 40-2s, no caboose.

    1. Thanks John! Once again your railroading knowledge will make for better operations on the N.Y.C.T.L.!!! From now on SW units will have a caboose or I'll use RS-GP units.
      Thanks again for this information!

  2. Great photo-documention of train movements on the N.Y.C.T.L.! That NYC SW8 is a beaut! I like the overhead piping by the Ford Plant.

    1. Thanks Ralph! I really like that switcher as well. John B. makes an excellent point on switcher usage this far from the yard. I need to utilize a caboose and leave it close or opt for an RS or GP unit.