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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Trains Are Running

Greetings All,

Another fun filled week here at the New York Central Train Layout Headquarters. With a few days off from work due to heavy rains I was able to spend some time in the layout room and run a few trains.

Here is a sample of what I've been up to;

Penn Central Train VN-4 (Selkirk to Empire City) rounds the newly scenicked curve much to the delight of the local 1/87th scale rail fans

Two New Haven engines work their way down to the Empire City Water Street Freight Terminal

PC VN-4 with an EMD GP38 and GE U30C are today's power. 

Block 1 of VN-4 consists of cars from connecting train KV-5 (Kings Port to Selkirk)

1/87th scale rail fans Sir Neal Himself and PC Ralph are track side watching the end of block 1 and the Rock Island start of block 2 roll by.

 VN-4 has entered Terminal Yard

Block 2 of VN-4 consists of  some TOFC cars along with a few boxcars

 VN-4 has been sorted and blocked for local deliveries 

 The arrival of VN-4 caught by local railfans


Watch on Youtube;

 Thanks for reading and watching!


  1. The shots through the risers of the lower level remind me of some Gulash shots in Detroit (especially visible on the Michigan Fast Freight DVD from Green Frog). The vegetation on the lower level works to very good effect.

    Also, putting names on the layout is both fun and essential for operation.

    1. Thanks John! If I'm reminding you of E.G. then I must be doing something right!

  2. Excellent work and video. It looks like a lot of revenue is being generated on the NYCTL. Management must be very pleased. The shots of the yard are great!

    1. Thanks 1-1 Sir Neal! The slow and steady improvements have increased revenue and rail fan enjoyment which is a win win for the NYCTL.

  3. Lots of action going on in Empire City! The New Haven flyover in the first photo was a nice touch. I enjoyed the video very much as well. Fun to see some Rock Island rolling stock in the mix since I saw plenty of it as a college student in Iowa in the late '70s. Always envious of your large yard! The paper building fronts enhance its appearance nicely.

    1. Thanks Ralph! Still tinkering with the NH weathering. Looking a bit better after adding some grimy black. I am a big fan of the Ralph Island Lines as well. Been watching the Green Frog PC videos 1 and 2 for inspiration on consists and rolling stock of the early years.