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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Automobile Industry Traffic on the New York Central Part 3

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Last entry I covered New York Central's hotshot Automobile Industry trains ML-12 and ML-9.
ML=Multi-level. ML-12 Detroit to Selkirk loads. ML-9 Selkirk to Detroit mostly empties.

This entry we'll fast forward ten years to see how the rail traffic of new car transportation carried over from the  New York Central to the Penn Central. A check of a 1974 Penn Central freight schedule shows both ML-12 and ML-9 still listed but with some changes. ML-12 now originates in Detroit's North Yard and runs to DeWitt Yard (Syracuse, NY) and ML-9 runs from Little Ferry Yard (NJ) to Detroit's Junction Yard.

Penn Central Train ML-9 
Little Ferry to Detroit 

Little Ferry NJ             Leave  2215 ET    Day 1
CP-132                       Pass    0245          Day 2 
Selkirk                         Arrive 0300
Selkirk                         Leave 0635
Dewitt                          Arrive 0940
Dewitt                          Leave 0942
Niagara Falls                Arrive 1440
Niagara Falls                Leave 1505
CP-85                         Pass    1525
Montrose                     Leave 1545 
St Thomas                   Arrive 1825
St Thomas                   Leave 1827
Windsor                      Pass    1825
Junction Yard              Arrive 2125            Day 2

Little Ferry 
May be combined with TV-15 to Selkirk
Takes cars classified;
1. Niagara Falls
2. Detroit - Grand Trunk Western Multi-Levels
3. Detroit - Chrysler Multi-Levels
4. Detroit - Junction Yard

Takes cars on rear classified 4.  Junction Yard

Niagara Falls
Set off block 1.

Takes cars classified 1. St. Thomas

St Thomas
Sets off block 1.

Junction Yard
Connects to train DJ-1 day 3 
DJ-1 Detroit (Jct Yard) to Jackson, Michigan

PC Train DJ-1 in 1973

Penn Central Train ML-12
Detroit to Dewitt
North Yard                Leave 1800       Day 1
Junction Yard             Leave 2130
Alexis                         Pass   2330
Air Line                      Arrive 0001      Day 2
Air Line                      Leave 0003
BE                              Pass   0330
Collinwood                 Arrive 0405
Collinwood                 Leave 0435
BV                             Pass    0920
Frontier (Buffalo NY) Arrive  0950
Frontier                      Leave 0952
Dewitt                        Arrive 1400       Day 2

Detroit North Yard
Takes cars classified;
1. Little Ferry - Multi-Levels
2. DeWitt - Multi-Levels

Detroit Junction Yard
Takes cars per makeup

Block 1. connects to TV-16 day 2
Trail Van -16 Kalamazoo to North Bergen NJ

Block 2. connects to TV-6W, TV-8 day 2
Trail Van - 6W Indianapolis to Framingham Mass.
Trail Van - 8 Chicago to Cedar Hill (New Haven CT)

TV-6W Courtesy of

Of course this being the Penn Central the transport of freight did not always go smoothly. 
Witness below in 1973. Courtesy of
Amazingly most of the cars stayed put. 

On the layout two Penn Central GP38-2s make their way towards Empire City with a trio of 89' Tri-Level Auto Racks and some 50' Bi-Level Auto Racks bringing up the rear. 

A close up of the PC motive power and auto rack

The three 89' Tri Levels are Bachmann Products. They are pretty much stock but I added some under set knuckle couplers to the talgo style trucks. 

The 50' Bi-Levels with a TYCO Evans Auto Loader bringing up the rear. 

April 1972 Penn Central Post
Great article on PC's auto traffic


  1. Nice update for the PC era! Seems I never had a chance to see ML-9 go by my home town on the River Line heading toward Selkirk as it would have typically passed by sometime after midnight. The PC Post article was very interesting and the references to theft and vandalism of new automobiles made it clear why open racks were eventually replaced by covered auto transports. Cool stuff John! I occasionally see the Bachmann Tri-levels at train show flea markets. They're huge! They usually aren't going cheap, even with damage or missing trucks! I still really like what you did with the Turtle Creek auto carriers. Hey...where's your caboose!? :)

    1. Glad you liked it Ralph! I fast forwarded the research and entry with the Kings Port Division in mind. I like the TCC auto carriers as well. they fit in nicely. The tri level Bachmanns are huge! I'm going to try and upgrade them with metal wheels and some dullcote. With the talgo style couplers they handle the curves OK. Busted! I forgot to add the caboose prior to the photo. Good eyes!

  2. Very useful. Keep he Accurail open racks in mind, as well.