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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lee Beverage Distributors

Greetings Blog Followers,

Urban renewal and some structure rehabilitation have lead to the grand opening of Lee Beverage Distributors adjacent North Side Yard in Empire City. This was once a blighted neglected area and considered undesirable due to it's proximity to the rail yard throat and front edge of the layout. Recent zoning changes and an uptick in the real estate market have lead some small industries to relocate to this area so they can use the prestigious Empire City zip code, benefit from tax breaks and enjoy a location where there businesses are welcome.

One such business is Lee Beverage Distributors. Lee's is the newest occupant of a modified Life Like Mt Vernon Manufacturing Co kit.

I originally built this kit in the early 1990s for a layout specific area. The building was in the L shape you see above but the left hand side was glued as a second floor on top of the right hand side after cutting part of the right side roof off. This was done to allow trucks to enter under the building to access the loading dock which was placed at the rear of the first level. After that layout was torn down the building was moved and turned into a city jail and then subsequent moves left the building languishing in the big parts container for a decade at least.

I stripped the building in 91% rubbing alcohol, re-configured it and repainted it with rattle can brown oxide primer. Signage was from a Walthers kit. I then sprayed the building with Krylon clear flat. This caused that a faded look to appear on the building and decals.

Track side view of Lee Beverage Distributors. Note the NYC FA2 with PC F7As across the aisle in the newly mocked up station scene. We'll explore that in an upcoming blog entry. 

Space is tight and the yard throat ensures hands and arms will be reaching around and over these buildings so no fragile details are being applied. Wood sticks are side being used as sidewalk mock ups. 

Aisle view. The windows and loading dock wood base are brush painted with acrylic green paint.

A 40' trailer is spotted at Lee Beverage Distributors while a 45' trailer and
tractor navigate the narrow streets still in mock up stage. 
A bakery supply company can be seen behind  Lee's at the edge of the edge. 
That will be the third and final building to occupy this area.

Dependable Auto Parts which was featured here a couple of weeks ago has received some roof top details. 
Nothing too tall to snag a wrist or hand.

Roof vents made from some wood pieces I bought many many moons ago and 
vent pipes made from black coffee straws (Thanks Ralph!)  


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  2. Clever kitbash of the Mt. Vernon kit! Stacking the components into a two story structure works well. I'm impressed by the instant weathering effect of the Krylon flat spray. Good idea to avoid too many easily bumped details at its location. I recently removed a billboard from Volstead's Tavern on my layout after breaking it off the roof twice with my sleeve. I use those wooden knobs for roof vents as well. Very economical and they look right! Black straws rule! (Oh, I deleted my first attempt at posting to correct some spelling. Early morning is not my best time for composing!

  3. Thanks Ralph! It was nice to get this one back on the layout. The Krylon clear flat seems to have a tendency to "weather" whether or not you want it to. I sprayed the black straws with it and they turned gray. Do not recommend it for trains. It weathered the paint alright!