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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Penn Central GP40 #3180 Joins The Fleet

Greetings Blog Followers,

Another Penn Central engine has joined my growing PC fleet. GP40 #3180 has just been released from the paint shop and made it's debut on the Empire Division this week. Let's take a look at the prototype and model:

GP40: A locomotive built by Electro Motive Division of General Motors (EMD) in 1965 with the new 645 engine that replaced the 567 engine. Equipped with an a.c. rectifier transmission the new GP40 won it's initial order from the New York Central and who subsequently ordered a total of 105 GP40s. The Penn Central ordered 175 GP40s from EMD through 1968 and 1969. The GP40 was produced from 1965 through 1971. The GP40-2 was produced from 1971 through 1985. All told EMD produced over 1,200 GP40s and over 1,100 GP40-2s.  The GP40s were not that different from the GP38, which was another Penn Central favorite, except that they included some newer technologies; an extra radiator fan, a turbocharger stack and an extra 1,000 horsepower (rated at 3,000 hp vs the 2,000 hp of the GP38 series)

Penn Central GP40s: Penn Central rostered a total of 280 GP40s. 105 from the NYC and 175 the PC received in 1968 and 1969. PC GP40s were numbered from 3000 to 3274. The former NYC units were numbered 3000 to 3104. 3105 to 3274 were the newer PC ordered GP40s. Of these numbers 3170 to 3186 received the rare white "P" and orange "C" PC logos. Ex NYC GP40, PC 3001 sported the more common but still rare red "P" and white "C" logo.

The model PC GP40 #3180: The model is a Bachmann blue box straight DC unit that I purchased second hand. The model has been stripped of it's prior road name paint job and painted with rattle can black. The decals are from Microscale.

Penn Central GP40 #3180 sports the rare white "P" and orange "C" paint scheme as it rolls towards Terminal Yard between two GP38s 

PC GP40 3180 in the rocking chair of the three unit consist

Close of the 3180 shows that it is missing it's horn so it's been tucked between the GP38s.
The 3180 is a custom painted Bachmann straight DC model

 PC GP38 7692 is a custom painted Athearn BB model

PC GP38 #8024 is also a custom painted Athearn BB model

The 3180 has been separated from it's GP38 brothers and sits on track 9 at Terminal Yard. The Yardmaster shows his class by coupling the 3175 with the 3180 to give the Empire Division rail fans a treat.
The 3175 is a custom painted Athearn model

Workers scurry about the 3180 as they get ready to replace the missing horn. Looks like 1/87th scale Sir Neal (blue coveralls, white shirt) has dropped by to see the newest engine in the division.
PC SD40 6282 is a custom painted Athearn BB model

A shot of the 9 track Terminal Yard. With the exception of the U-Boats on track 8 all engines were custom painted by yours truly.

Track 9 is usually the engine track and it's no exception today. 

Six axle PC Power on track 2. Both are factory painted models. 
The SD35 from Atlas and teh U-Boat from Athearn

A view from the yard lead. Penn Central GP30s on track 6 are custom painted Bachmann Spectrum units. 
The NYC H16-44s on track 4 are also custom painted Spectrum units.
The PC RS2 on track 3 is a custom painted P-1000 unit.  

A view from above. I added the buildings to the scene to obscure some of the train boxes.

Looks like the 3180 is ready to roll as it has received it's new horn.  

Time to roll out!


  1. A really fun series of shots, worthy of an Emery Gulash! By the way, the Bachmannn GP40 in its versions over the last several years is an underrated model Adding DCC and playing with the momentum adjustment makes highly compatible in operation with Atlas. Considering you can find it in the $40 range DCC ready on the web, it's a very good buy.

  2. Hi John, An Emery Gulash! That is a mighty fine compliment. Thank you so much. Agree on the Bachmann units I have several both DCC on board and straight DC. They are a well kept secret for budget minded modelers. Hope they stay that way to keep the prices down! Thanks again for the nice compliment. John

  3. Have to echo the comments above! What a great looking PC roster! Definitely Gulash worthy! Color me envious!

    1. Thank You Ralph! Two Gulash worthy compliments on the same post and I think I may have to retire the blog on this high note! Gonna be tough to outdo this entry.