Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Water Street Freight Terminal

Greetings Blog Followers,

The weather here continues to be a delaying factor in my FA-FB-FB-FA Project. The units are still sitting on the workbench waiting for some sunshine and temps above 50 degrees so I can paint them in my outdoor painting studio, better known as the patio.

That said it's time to introduce the newest structure on the New York Central Train Layout. the Water Street Freight Terminal. The building is a Walthers Cornerstone kit of the same name, item #933-3009. From the kit's instruction sheet: "Freight Terminals were once essential to railroad operations, handling small less than car load (LCL) freight shipments. Loads arrived in boxcars or refrigerated cars and were transferred to a fleet of trucks for local delivery. The trucks would also pick up freight that was to be shipped by rail. Each railroad serving a community had it's own freight terminal, usually located near the main passenger station or classification yard."  Perfect for the New York Central Train layout.

The New York Central Water Street Freight Terminal is now in place and ready for freight shipments.

The Water Street Freight Terminal office

Truck loading doors

The Water Street Freight Terminal is across the tracks from the City View Apartments. I added a few small businesses to the corner for the residents of the apartment house to do some shopping. The Railway Express Agency is to the left. A NYC Pacemaker boxcar is being shoved to the terminal. 
Note the PC E8A that has photo bombed the picture! 

A track side view. The Terminal can handle three 40' boxcars or two 70 foot baggage cars. I added the piggy back truck terminal as it fit into the space and didn't look bad in the scene. The three small businesses to the right may be temporary as well. Right now I like the way the look and they do not interfere with terminal operations.  

An aerial shot. Window shades made from manilla folders were added to the windows.

View from the underpass


  1. Nice! The Freight Terminal fits right in that location. I like the support structures for the canopy roof seen in the first pic! Great addition to the NYCTL!

    1. Thank You Ralph! This was the intended spot when purchased. It actually worked out much to my surprise. All in all it was a nice kit to build.