Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Structure Updates

Greetings Blog Followers,

With the FA-FB-FB-FA Project on hold for now due to the deep freeze here in the South I thought I'd share some of the structure updates I performed.

Reliable Machine Works is now easily identified. The building is named after my wife's grandfather's place of employment. The building is Walthers Reliable Warehouse and Storage. 

 A NYC double door 50' "Early Bird" boxcar sits at the loading dock. "Reliable Machine Works" has been added to the water tower.  May do the same type of sign on rear of building once it warms up around here.  

This small building is now known as Anchor Cargo & Distributing. This is a Model Power Interstate Freight kit. The signs were liberated from the Walthers Reliable Warehouse and Storage kit.  

A view from track side

Side view with some New York Central trucks at the loading docks and my trusty can of Raid. 

Rear view of building "Anchor" decal has dropped. Actually it fell apart but no big deal

Superior Furniture finally has it's name placed on the structure. I built and added the shell of this building a few years ago but never finished the inside and lettered it. Now it is identified.

With the large windows "Superior Furniture" needs to have some interior detail. It's on the list to do and has been for a few years. Maybe this Spring it will move to the top of the list. 

Boxcars in boxcars out. An ideal layout industry for me and my railroad. Loads in and loads out.

 The Superior Furniture employee entrance and one truck loading dock. That fire apparatus to the left has been fighting this fire for well over a year. Might be time to redo the scene.

A transfer freight led by two Fairbanks Morse H16-44s rumbles past Superior Furniture as it rolls into North Side Yard. Looks like a freight train with trio of GP30s on point is ready to head out after the transfer freight clears the main. A lightning  striped FM Erie Built can be seen under the highway bridge.  


  1. One thing you might try would be to give a light spray of black to the insides of the windows on the Superior Furniture building.

    The NYC FMs look especially good in the last shot!

    1. Hi John, Thanks for the window tip and compliments on the NYC FM units. The NYC FMs are Bachmann Spectrum units that I stripped, painted and lettered. They are two of my favorites. John

  2. Buildings and signs are looking good! Did you use the stick-on letter and paint over- spray method for Reliable? Its putzy but yields nice results. I liked seeing those H16-44s again!

    1. Thanks Ralph! That is exactly how I did the Reliable sign. First time I've tried it and I was happy with the results. Glad you liked seeing the NYC H16-44s again!

  3. The structures look great! Nice to hear about your 'freight in, freight out' scenario. Engine consists always look good! So, what is the next addition to the NYCTL?

  4. Thanks Neal! The next addition should be the NYC Water Street Freight Terminal. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the Alco FA-FB-FB-FA Project can move forward and hit the blog soon.