Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let Their Be Imaginary Light!

Greetings Blog Followers,

First up is a reminder to all readers that today is Valentines Day. If you have not gotten that special gift for your special loved one immediately shut down your computer and get to it. Remember the life you save may be your own. To the married men who read this here are a couple of sayings to keep in mind "If the wife is not happy nobody's happy" or "a happy wife equals a happy life". Don't fall for the don't worry about it it's no big deal schpiel. As soon as you hear the don't worry start worrying! So go take care of the gift and we'll be here when you get back.

A short blog entry for today dealing with the adding of street lights to the Projects Project or City View Apartments as the complex has come to be known. I was in possession of some cheesy looking plastic non operating street light telephone pole combinations that someone gave me years ago. Wanting to add street lights to the scene I received inspiration for the project from the layout of PC Ralph who is owner and operator and C.E.O. of the Kings Port & Western Railroad. A few months ago Ralph upgraded a scene on his layout and made some nice looking street lights using plastic straws for the parking lot he added. Since Ralph was kind enough to send me a package of said straws and I still had a few left I went to work.

First I snipped off the pole above the street light. Then I snipped off the pole about half way between the base and street lamp arm. I drilled a small hole in the layout plywood and tapped in a small dowel that I bought in a bag from a local craft store. I cut a black straw to length and slipped it over the dowel. Next I inserted the street light. I then painted the street light arm black and the "glass" white. And there you have it.

One of the non operating street lights I used for this project.

The newly installed street lights provide imaginary light for the imaginary apartment dwellers. A multilevel parking lot is planned to go next to the apartment building at the end of the roadway.

A passenger train makes it way through the scene while a few Pacemaker freight cars sit at the mocked up Water Street Freight Terminal

The street lights are in place. Trains are running and the scene is progressing forward. White PVC pipe will be painted to simulate a smoke stack. A wall has been added to the front of the building so the apartment dwellers don't stumble out the door into the path of a train. The Water Street Freight Terminal is on the lower left and the Railway Express Agency is on the upper left. 

That's it for today.....


  1. Another great entry for the "101 Uses for Coffee Stir Straws" article! They look good John!

  2. Thanks for compliments and the straws Ralph! Should have called the post "Ralph Lights"!