Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Empire City Rail Fanning

Greetings Blog Followers,

The New York Central Train layout continues it's tradition of Fast Freight Service and Lightning Striped diesels. This past week Empire City rail fans caught these trains running through Empire City.

A pair of EMD F7As on the point of a freight a train at North Side Yard 

A pair of FM C-Liners depart North Side Yard 

A heavy M&E train makes it way from North Side Yard through the West Side behind two FM Erie Builts.

The M&E train makes it way along the upper level on the East Side
Normally powered by Alco FA units this train needed the additional horsepower
provided by the FM units.

Flexi Vans, bulk mail, express and a working R.P.O. make up this heavy consist.
Down below at Empire City Station we see a cigar band  NYC E8A on track 1 and two additional NYC passenger trains on tracks 2 and 3.   

The middle of the M&E train 

Talk about baggage! Three baggage cars, an R.P.O and a jade green caboose brings up the rear

A trio of EMD FTs cross the famous Empire City Viaduct. In the background a NYC RS2 switches some passenger cars for a dead head movement to New York City. 
Middle car looks to be be the "Nassau County" 

An A-B-A set of Sharks roll slowly through the West Side as they enter the Empire City Viaduct with a reefer train. Can the Jets be far behind? The Sharks have to wait for the RS-2 to the right to move out ahead of it with a few empty passenger trains towards Terminal Yard.  

The passenger cars have been switched and the "Nassau County" sits at the rear of the train as it moves onto the outside main. The Shark led reefer train will follow shortly. 

"Nassau County" makes it way to Terminal Yard. Looks like 1/87th scale Sir Neal Himself has tired of the cold and snow in the Northeast and sent for his varnish to take him to warmer climates

Later in the day "Nassau County" was placed into a dead head passenger train movement towards
New York City. With another snow storm on the way management at the N.Y.C.T.L. wants to be ready for the expected additional passenger car bookings out of N.Y.C.  

Note that a dining car has been coupled to the "Nassau County" While this is supposed to be a passenger car transfer 1/87 scale Sir Neal Himself has been known to hop on the train at Empire City when in town. We know that 1-1 scale Sir Neal hates diners but we hope not dining cars.   


  1. Impressive roster of Lightning Striped power! "When you a Jet, you're a Jet all the way"...but ya gotta love that consist of Sharks! As always, I admire the long trains you can run on your layout. I haven't noticed that enclosed walkway at the passenger station seen in the 5th and 6th pictures before. Who makes that? Cool private car! Good luck keeping passenger ops ahead of this seasons snows!

    1. Thanks Ralph! Glad you caught the West Side Story reference! The enclosed walkway is an train operations tower. The glass portion over the tracks has desks that look related to switch operations along with microphones. Manufacturer is unknown. I bought it used from LHS several years ago. There's always a story when 1/87th scale Sir Neal's private varnish is in town. Next stop will probably be Miami!

    2. That's neat! I've never seen that operations tower anywhere before.

  2. Very nice update and the NYCTL is looking better and better every day. I do make 'exceptions' when in certain towns to have a meal at a diner. However, dining cars offer a unique experience for ones palate, so I do enjoy a meal on wheels!

    1. Thank You Sir Neal! Good to know your 1/87th scale alter ego is OK with the dining cars. Would have had to switch it away from your varnish should there have been an objection! Can't alienate a good rail customer and C.E.O. of a RR that is an interchange partner.