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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Reliable Machine Works Update

Greetings Blog Followers,

The newest addition to Empire City, Reliable Machine Works, continued it's forward progress last week. I was able to add the windows, glass and roof top details from the kit. Although not completed and with site preparation still needed the building can begin it's life on the rough and tumble West Side.

AP 58 is seen making it's way past Reliable Machine Works on it's was to A.P.R.R. home rails

40' Boxcar P&LE 5290 is spotted on the loading dock. A steel beam still needs to be painted and installed above the multilevel loading doors.

Two Empire City Policeman look over a stolen car dumped behind Reliable Machine Works while New York Central truck traffic rolls through the scene. 

A view of the loading dock for both rail and truck. Looks like another boxcar is moving in  

A tractor trailer jockeys into position at an open dock door. As trucks got bigger the spaces for them at the older buildings remained the same 

The trailer has been spotted at the door. This is the domain of the city driver. Truck drivers who can squeeze these monsters in the tightest of spaces and often spend more time in reverse than forward. 

A view from the South Side

Looking west was see the building with the kit included roof top details in place. 

A NYC SW 8 has pulled the P&LE car and is spotting a NYC 50' Boxcar 

Moving the scene forward a few years a Penn Central RS2 shoves a PC 50 boxcar to the loading dock 

An iconic array of 1970s era vehicles occupy the scene with the iconic Alco Switcher.
The vehicles are a green and white VW van, a red AMC Gremlin, a black Pontiac Trans Am made famous in Smokey and the Bear, a green Ford Pinto station wagon with porthole window famous for exploding when hit from the rear and a yellow AMC Pacer. And speaking of icons "The Duke" graces the billboard.


  1. The Reliable scene is shaping up very nicely! I sure enjoy the different era representations with the NYC and the PC a few years later. That RS unit is sweet! Nice collection of 70's iconic vehicles. Ah! The Pinto! Whew! Keep your eyes in the rear view mirror! The "True Grit" movie ad is a nice touch too. Maybe the folks in that VW will catch it at the drive-in. Lookin' good John!

    1. Thanks Ralph! Still some work to do but it's getting there.

  2. Reliable Machine looks like a nice addition to the NYCTL. I see that APRR #58 caboose crew was observing the progress as they were going to report back to management for the potential income that can be derived for the APRR. As always, the layout looks great!

    1. Thank You Sir Neal! The N.Y.C.T.L. hopes to see a lot of AP 58 and other A.P.R.R. rolling stock as our railroads move forward. Run through trains, interchanges, trackage rights all in the name of good fun and revenue.