Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year, New Trains, New Projects

Greetings and Happy New Year to All!

Well here we are in 2015. Growing up I would have thought by now we would be living in outer space or driving cars that needed no wheels and could fly or hover. I always remember thinking of how old I would be in 2000 and what the world and universe might look like. On the model railroad side their have been vast improvements in rolling stock, electronics, track, structures etc. For me, I still enjoy working on and upgrading older rolling stock and trying to find inexpensive ways to enjoy the hobby.

So for the first topic in 2015 I though I would review some of the newest trains and train projects for the upcoming year.

For 2015 I want to continue with making inexpensive good looking easy to install and remove flat car loads. The pipes in the pipe load below are courtesy of PC Ralph C.E.O. of the famous Kings Port & Western Railroad. That sharp New Haven Caboose is courtesy of Bobby Gervais of Gervais Industries, with headquarters in Connecticut, which will soon be featured in an upcoming blog entry. Bobby is working with a local Realtor looking for industrial space with a siding to expand here in Empire City. 

Here's an easy no cost gondola load. Free roofing shingle samples cut to fit into the car.

Two new structures to be added this year.  Reliable Warehouse will be Reliable Machine Works of Bridgeport CT in honor of my wife's grandfather who worked there. 

Athearn BB B&O 50' flat car with trailers.. Metal wheels and Kadee#37 couplers were added.

Mantua B&O 40' Time Saver Service boxcar. 36" metal wheels and Kadee coupler boxes were added.

E&C Shops GM&o 50' Boxcar. Metal wheels and Kadee #5s added

Accurail A.C.F. PRR 56' covered hopper. Metal wheels and Kadee #5s added

Walthers 65' mill gondola with a weathered steel beam loam added. 

The original knuckle couplers have been shimmed and are now at the proper height. The car will receive a set of metal wheels in the near future.

Branchline Blueprint Series 50' PRR boxcar. Kadee #5s added. 
Tough kit to build is all I'll say on this.

Caboose painting project. I had a collection of old LifeLike A.T.S.F. cabooses that have been sitting in a box for years. As luck would have it two things happened that allowed these cabooses to get out of the box and onto the layout. First was the New York Central Train Layout Paint Shop was given license to paint some rolling stock for the Atlantic Pacific Railroad owned by 1 to 1 scale Sir Neal of New Jersey. The A.P.R.R. contract calls for orange caboose(s) Second was that while watching a PC video I noted the PRR had some cabooses painted "Focal Orange" Well then guess what happened. Yup, four cabooses now painted orange.       

Speaking of the N.Y.C.T.L. Paint Shop I have some freight cars to be stripped, painted and lettered.
 Below is a batch of custom painted N.Y.C.T.L. cars.     

That's it for now. Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. I know what you mean about expectations for what this century was supposed to hold. Those of us who grew up watching "The Jetsons" are demanding to know where our jet packs and flying cars are! I think I can do without the bed that turns into a toaster and pops you up in the morning though! On the model railroad front I am seriously looking forward to affordable battery powered wireless control locos to put an end to layout wiring. That would be great!

    Lots going on with the N.Y.C.T.L.!!! Good looking cars all around and great projects for the near future. Love the free gon loads and the neat looking steel beam. The sort pipe loads look great on the bulkhead flat! Nice line up of NYC and PC 50 footers at the end. Beautifully done! I'm looking forward to updates on the cabeese project as well. I'll "stay tuned" as they say. Way to roll into the New Year! One thing though...What?...no trains in clear pneumatic tubes running at supersonic speeds? It is 2015 after all! :)

  2. Thanks Ralph!! I like the sound of the wireless battery controlled loco! I'm also interested in what Bachmann will be releasing soon. A system or locomotive you can control with an iphone app. Not that I have an iphone or an app mind you.

    Looking forward to moving some of the 2015 projects forward. Spent some time yesterday tinkering with the new building kits. Great to be able to move buildings around with the need for permits, environmental studies, traffic studies etc.

    Nothing in the tubes yet. Maybe for 2016!