Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Fences at Empire City

Greetings Blog Followers,

A recent project of adding some fencing to a few spots around Empire City has been pretty much completed. The fencing itself is nothing to complicated or expensive. Just a few strips of wood and left over fiberglass screen.

New fence and shrubbery added adjacent Interstate Freight.
A billboard sign has been added to the building as well

New fascia has been added to the front of the layout along with the fence, shrubs and sign.

Some trucks and figures add some life to the scene

New signals have been added as well

A before look

New fencing has been added along main street. Originally planned to be a wall the Mayor of Empire City agreed to the chain link style fence at the request of area rail fans. The trees have been placed to see how they look. I plan on adding trunk surrounds with some foliage and then plating the trees 

A few benches and some trees make for a nice place to sit and enjoy the action.

Four GP9s lead a freight train past the new rail fan hangout 

GP9s in action with freight train


  1. John, way to get things done! I have dozens of projects like that to complete...details, scenery, etc. I expect I'll follow your example as the colder days come upon us and see progress in my basement. My eye keeps going to that cool bus station in some of the photos.

  2. Hi Ralph, It's amazing how many of these "little projects" there are for one's model railroad. I have many more to go myself. I agree the Bus Station is a cool looking building. It is a Bachmann Spectrum product that I got many years ago. I believe they re-released it recently. On the up side it's an easy build and good looking building. On the down side it takes up a lot of real estate especially when you figure in getting a bus into and out of the parking area.
    Looking forward to the next update from Kings Port and the KP&W!

  3. I saw some buses like yours at a recent flea market sale and almost bought one...but then I realized I have so few road and street scenes to place a bus! I'm planning a follow up to my last YouTube video but I need to take care of a couple of those layout improvement projects first. Time to get on it! :)