Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Layout Building Updates

Greetings Blog Followers,

A few building updates are the topic for this update. First up is my newest structure, Woodland Scenics DPM kit #11800 1st National Bank that I purchased in this past July. The building was washed with soap and water, allowed to air dry and built according to manufacturers instructions. The brick walls were painted with rattle can primer and the front was painted with rattle can tan. Windows were hand painted. This past week I finally got into the window treatments stage and literally spent the better part of a day cutting and pasting window treatments for the new DPM building and two older buildings on the layout. Not the most fun but the results are well worth it in my opinion.  

DPM #11800 now occupies this corner location. New window treatments left over from other kits and a few cut index cards for shades add to it's appeal.  

The corner now looks much more pleasing to my eye.

The roof has been painted gray and striped with a pencil to simulate rolled roofing. 
A chimney was attached after the photo. 

Track side view. Note the window details. A billboard or two on the building side and some ground cover are still needed to complete the scene 

City Classics Building 102 Penn Ave has been moved to it's new location in mid town. The building also received window treatments to eliminate the hollow building look.

The City Classics Building fits right in with the other sky scrapers in the city. I guess that is why they call the line City Classics

Some ground details in front of Nobody's Auto Repair will enhance the scene further.
For all your auto repair needs "Nobody's does it better" 

1/87th scale Sir Neal has come out to see the layout's Lightning  Stripe revival. Looks like Neal's Lumber and Hardware has some fine Pacific Northwest Lumber in stock at this time. Note another City Classics building next to Sir Neal's office. Window treatments were added at time of construction. 

This Bachmann Spectrum building received window treatments consisting of cut up index cards to simulate window shades and some left over drapery looking pieces for the lobby.  


  1. Those are nice kits that fit in well with the rest of your city. The window treatments are worth the effort. I should do more of that on some of my structures. The index cards are very effective!

  2. The new buildings and enhancements to the layout look great! So glad my 'Mini Me' is enjoying the trains go buy. Keeps all of us 'young'! Great work!!

  3. Thank you Ralph! Thank you Sir Neal!