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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

KP&W Rebuilds Back on Home Rails

Greetings Blog Followers,

Back on July 4th the Purchasing department of the New York Central Train Layout acquired two used Clam Shell Coil Coaches. Shortly thereafter the NYCTL contracted with the Kings Port & Western Rail Road in upstate New York to have the clam shell mechanisms rebuilt. On July 10th the clam shell coaches left for the KP&W shops  http://newyorkcentrallayout.blogspot.com/2014/07/coil-coach-comeback.html

On August 4th the newly modified clam shell coaches, now known as "KP&W Rebuilds" returned loaded (Thanks KP&W!) to home rails with a steel train from Empire Steel located in Kings Port NY.

Penn Central GP40 3007 is on point of the steel products train from Kings Port Steel. The 3007 was in fact run through power making the trip from Kings Port to Mayfield Yard and then on to Terminal Yard.
Rail fans in Kings Port caught the 3007 in action a few days ago.

PC 3007 with a KP&W Rebuild first in the consist followed by a home road PC 8091
which had it's clam shell scrapped. 

The coil steel cars make their way to Terminal Yard. Barely visible behind the train is the new Ford Stamping Plant that these cars will serve. Looking closely there is at least one boxcar with machinery spotted. The coil cars on this train are for Day One when the plant opens.

An early KP&W Rebuild sports the older style KPW lettering.

The first of two of the NYCTL cars that have under gone the rebuilding process at the KP&W Shops and are now proudly known as KP&W Rebuilds. The cars are lettered for the NYCTL subsidiary rail
equipment leasing company JTRX.  

JTRX 2810 shows off it's patchwork paint and lettering which was part of the KP&W rebuild contract.

The Clam Shell Fleet is looking good and working fine. The KP&W car under the overpass shows it's miles in heavy steel service while the two newer JTRX cars are looking quite clean for now.   


  1. That's great John! Nice work on those clam shells! It's neat to see a KP&W car. Really like the JTRX patch jobs! I'm relieved to see 3007 made it to Terminal Yard, considering how it sounded when leaving Kings Port. :)

  2. Thanks to both you and your KP&W shop forces Ralph! I videoed 3007 leading the train but blogger will not upload my videos fat the moment for some reason. The 3007 is loud in my video as well! Definitely in need of a trip back to EMD or the shop.

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