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Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

EMD SD35 6003 Added to the Locomotive Fleet

Greetings Blog Followers,

The Purchasing Department for the New York Central Train Layout recently went on a spending spree at the 4th of July sale at my local hobby shop. One of the items purchased was a used yellow box Atlas EMD SD35 with a weathered PRR scheme numbered 6003. A perfect match for my yellow box Atlas Penn Central EMD SD35 #6039.

On the Penn Central, the 6000 series meant six axle diesels and in turn meant the Pennsylvania RR. The 6000 series contains no New Haven or New York Central diesels as neither road fielded six axle freight diesels. The PRR purchased 40 of these 2,500 horse power SD35s from EMD from June 1964 to January 1966. Although liable to pop up anywhere in the Penn Central system the SD35s were most frequently found in the territories around the Alleghenies.

The 6003 and 6039 served the PRR, the PC and Conrail. For a few photos check these links



SD35 #6003 was found on a shelf of used items sitting in an Athearn Box. The P&LE Flexi Van train in the rear was part of the same purchase order.

SD35s 6003 and 6039 are paired up and ready to enter revenue service. 

A weathered 6003 and cleaner 6039 in a newer PC paint scheme rumble
 through the North Side of Empire City

A close up of the 6003. Bought used she features a brass horn, extra weight, Kadee couplers and speedometer cable on other side. The 6003 ran excellent right out of the box with  just a drop of oil added. 

The 6039 has been in the stable for several years. With the addition of the 6003 both can expect to be in heavy freight service 

The SD35s move through the North Side Yard with a unit grain train.

Here is the same train on the South Side



  1. NICE catch on the SD35! Looks like it speed matches perfectly with your PC unit in the videos. Last fall, at a flea market, I bought an undecorated Atlas/Kato GP38 (circa 1980's) that had never been out of the box for $30. It runs beautifully. They had three...makes me wish I'd considered getting at least a second one. It was easily decorated as Penn Central unit # 7692.

    Did you take the photo of the loco on the Athearn box at the hobby store or at your house? The reason I ask is I noticed the NY Mets items in the background. As a life long Mets fan (i.e. ...masochist) its always nice to meet another fellow sufferer. :)

    Thanks for the background info on the SD35s on the Penn Central. I didn't know that the six axle units were all Pennsy. I should do some more research about the types of locos I have. Makes it more interesting!

    1. Thanks Ralph! I've been wanting to add another SD35 to the roster for quite some time. The price was definitely right ($30.00-25% for the LHS sale) and it runs super smooth. The noise on the video is from the 6039! I'll probably leave it as is. I like the contrast between the older PRR livery and the newer cleaner PC livery.
      A few years ago I picked up a custom painted Atlas Reading GP-40 on E-bay for $19.99 intending to repaint it PC and run it in consist with the 6039. However the person who painted and added the details to the Reading unit did such a nice job I did not have the heart to repaint it!

      The photo is taken in my basement and I too am a life long Mets fan. Mets, Jets, Penn Central and Rodney Dangerfield. You see a common theme here?

      I enjoy doing the research and try to incorporate some bits and pieces into the blog when I can. Last year I received the book Penn Central Power by RJ Yanosey and I have been wearing out the pages! Great photos and documentation of the action. Highly recommend it. Not a rivet counter by any stretch but I have painted a few items to the actual picture. Mostly just use what I have on hand though.

      I am a big fan of your layout, custom painted rolling stock and engines. They all look excellent. John

      PS Have my coil coaches arrived at the KP&W shops? ;)

  2. That's great John! The Mets, the Jets, the PC...sure does seem to be a "root for the underdog...I don't get any respect" theme there. Right there with you, although being an NY Giants fan offers occasional glories. :)
    I listened to the Mets win another over the Marlins this afternoon on my wife's iPad while we sat outside. Nice to go into the All Star break that way.

    I'd like to get Penn Central Power sometime. I've seen it advertised ad it looks like the authoritative source regarding PC locomotive. In the meantime I've enjoyed this site: http://unlikelypcrr.com/index.html which has good information about the loco roster under the sub category "Scrap Yard". I couldn't get into it just before copying the link...hope you can see it.

    Oh, the coil coaches are in the shop. The KP&W mechanics are getting to be old hands at converting those clam shell mechanisms. Shouldn't take too long before they are rolling on your home rails. :)

  3. Hi Ralph, Glad to see the Mets won big against the Marlins. Saw the pitcher Degrum last week when he shout out the Braves for 7 innings in a Mets win. Good to see the Mets beat the Braves as I now live in Braves country. Braves are decent team and easily rooted for. The announcers though are horrible. Very unprofessional.

    Thanks for the link. Some really cool stuff, especially the paint diagrams. The scrap yard link would not let me enter. I'll try again.

    http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/pc/pc.html was the best internet source I found. It is temporarily down but reported to be coming back up at the end of the month.

    http://www.multimodalways.org/docs/railroads/companies/PCTC/PCTC%20Freight%20Schedules/PCTC%20Freight%20Schedule%206-1-1974.pdf is a very informative read.



    are both good and frequently updated.

    No worries on the coil coaches. Get em loaded up at Kings Port Steel and rolling in revenue service so I can pay off the repair costs.

  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for the PC related links! I was familiar with some but not all. Always nice to have more resources. When I first started modeling I had no idea about classes of locomotives and number schemes. I simply numbered some early attempts using conveniently grouped numbers on the decal sheet! Over the years I've been developing more of an interest in being accurate in my modeling (but by no means a rivet counter) so all of my current locomotives are numbered appropriate to their type. I have to say that is it satisfying to do that.

    I'm getting the itch to make another video and plan to start filming within a week or so after I've completed a structure project in Kings Port. They're getting a new switch tower and improvements at the Kings Port passenger station.

    Those Braves are often the best team in their division if not in baseball. I always worry when the Mets play them, especially in Atlanta. Sorry to hear the announcers aren't so great. I enjoy the Mets team of Keith, Ron, and Gary...even if Keith Hernandez does get a little goofy sometimes. I kind of enjoy his rants about how the game isn't the same nowadays because pitchers don't pitch whole games, etc....and how kids should pay attention to the field instead of texting in the stands. Old fogeyism that I'm just starting ot come of age to empathize with...I should be careful about doing that!

    Anyway, back to railroading. I'd expect to see those coil coaches on your rails any day now. :)

    1. Hi Ralph, I numbered my locomotives and freight cars in the exact same way! As I learn more I tend to try and be accurate as well. Most of my newer efforts are pretty accurate but not all. I have a GP30 coming out that is accurate and an SDP40 that is not seeing the PC did not have any.

      Looking forward to the next video and seeing the latest on the KP&W.

      Keith can be a bit goofy but he has no problem calling out Mets players who are under performing. Here we worship at the alter of Saint Chipper. He threw out the first pitch in last years playoffs and no one on hte team would catch it because he said on radio that he thought the Dodgers had a better team and would win. Finally the mascot caught the pitch. And he was right about the Dodgers. Miss hearing Bob Murphy, Lindsay Nelson and Ralph Kiner! I do like Howie Rose.

  5. Ah, the good old days of the best trio of broadcasters in baseball...all this and Lindsey Nelson's amazing suit coats! I miss hearing Ralph occasionally join the SNY crew in the booth. You could sense the respect and affection they had for him.

    I like Howie too. Did you hear about the Battle of the Broadcasters pitting the Mets TV vs Radio commentators in a trivia contest? I wasn't able to see it since Direct TV's "Extra Innings " cuts out shortly after the game. I do appreciate being able to view all of New York's games here in Minnesota though.

    Wow, I hadn't heard that story about Chipper. Not cool!

    I just read the entry about the new GP30. Looking forward to the SDP40. I 'm open minded about PC logos on diesels. I have a dummy C Liner with a large mating worms logo like the E8s used to sport. Its an old AHM model with a handy chassis for my minicam to film track views.