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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

National Train Day Part 3

Greetings Blog Followers,

National Train Day Part 3....

An EMD E8A painted in Demonstrator colors glides into Empire City Station on Track 1 while a New York Central 4-8-4 Niagra sits on Track 2. Two immaculate sets of IRT subway cars occupy the tracks below.

 Close up of EMD E8A #852

Not to be out done a New York, New Haven and Hartford Alco PA1 departs Empire City Station. 

 The mighty Pennsylvania Rail Road sent a beautiful GG1 for the festivities. 

A few short videos of the days action. 
#1 New Haven PA with passenger train
#2 New York Central E8 with passenger train
#3 Pennsylvania GG1 with passenger train

Thursday, May 15, 2014

National Train Day Part 2

Greetings Blog Followers,

Three Chessie System EMDs heading over the Empire City viaduct on National Train Day.

An Athearn BB SW7, Athearn BB GP35 and Bachman F7A lead the Chessie System freight train

The trains heads towards down town

The train moving through Empire City

Saturday, May 10, 2014

National Train Day Celebration Part 1

Greetings Blog Followers,

In honor of National Train Day the New York Central Train Layout sponsored an event at Empire City Station to showcase different eras and styles of train travel. Invitations were sent to neighboring railroads and private citizens who wished to participate in this annual event.

Leading off the event was the star of the show in many rail fans opinions, New York Central 4-8-4 Niagra #6005. The locomotive was on the head end of several New York Central passengers cars including the Observation Car "Nassau County" owned by Neal M, CEO of the A.P.R.R. and Neal's Lumber and Hardware.  

Sir Neal's private varnish, "Nassau County" sits on display at Empire City Station for National Train Day 

A two tone gray New York Central coach sits between the "Nassau County" and a New York Central Heavyweight Chair Car

New York Central 4-8-4 #6005

The CSX boxcar was donated by the A.P.R.R. Inside are various supplies, tools and a workshop should the gigantic steamer have any mechanical issues.

NYC #6005 at rest while two IRT subway cars have pulled into Empire City Station on the lower level. The station was tagged overnight by a gang from Coney Island called the Warriors.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Neubaum's Coffee Importers expanding to Empire City

Greetings Blog Followers,

The Empire City Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the New York Central Train Layout is proud to announce that Neubaum's Coffee Importers is expanding it's operations to Empire City. As the premier coffee importer from the upper mid-west coffee aficionados are familiar with the Neubaum product line. Neubaum coffee can be found in exclusive restaurants, railroad dining cars, private clubs and hotels.

In a press release, owner and C.E.O. Steve Neubaum, stated his company was looking to the rapidly expanding Empire City marketplace and the city's improving road and rail infrastructure as the next logical place for his growing company to add another distributorship. Mr Neubaum is a bonafide rail fan and model railroader and was able to secure the old Heileman Beer Distributor building which is rail served. Beer drinkers can relax as Heilman expanded to a bigger rail served location just outside of Empire City.

Local painting contractors have arrived and get to work on the old sign. 

Side view showing the rail and truck docks. Barrels for Neubaum's Coffee have already arrived 

A Milwaukee Road  refrigerated trailer has been spotted at the truck loading dock. The trailer arrived earlier in the day via rail at North Side Yard. 

The national media is always interested in the doings of Neubaum's Coffee Importers and have sent a crew to cover this expansion.

 Contracting foreman and Neubaum Coffee Imports representative check the progress of the workers

In need of quality lumber for his building and shipping needs Mr Neubaum had a 40' boxcar sent to Neal's Lumber and Hardware.

Two New York Central GP9s handle the switching duties.

Neal himself (in blue coveralls) checks on the loading. Neal has informed his forklift operator that Mr Neabaum is a fellow Train Lifer and to make certain that this shipment is perfect. 

 The Milwaukee Road boxcar being spotted at Neubaum's

An aerial view of Neubaum's Coffee Importers. Although the building is a bit small shipping, storage and  receiving of coffees can be enhanced by utilizing the trailer dock which has space for three 40' trailers.   

Mr Neubaum, always friendly, introduces himself to a lady who had stopped by to watch CNN interview Mr Neubaum. "Hello, you can call me Steve" "How about going out for a cup of coffee"