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Friday, April 11, 2014

Milwaukee Road 40' Rib Side Boxcar Joins the Fleet.

Greetings Blog Followers,

This past week I was at my local hobby store in search of a couple of MDC / Roundhouse kits that I could use for easy conversion to track cleaning cars. I found two such cars to fit my needs but for today's entry we' ll concentrate on the MILWAUKEE ROAD rib sided 40' boxcar. When I saw the car it instantly reminded me of a fellow modeler that I have a lot of respect for, Steve N, from I'm not really a Milwaukee Road fan and normally I would have bypassed this car without a second glance. But the instant association it had with Steve caused me to grab it. Looking at the pictures the car's unique rib sides do add an interesting touch when coupled up to other boxcars (Quoting a bit from Steve).

The model is the standard MDC / Roundhouse kit. As with all my older car / kit  purchases I thoroughly washed the components and wire brushed the metal weights. I spray painted the under frame, trucks and weights flat black. Kadee #5 couplers and metal wheel sets were then added.   

The Prototype: Research into some prototype facts of the car reveal that the Milwaukee Road shop built 750 of these rib sided boxcars. The cars were 40'6" in length, 14'1" in height and 10'4" wide. The empty car weight was 41,900 lbs. Anyone with additional information on these cars please post in comments section. 

 Shell of MILW 23925 after being washed and then dull coated

Two brass washers have been attached over the bolsters with silicone to add additional weight. The car's two factory weights were removed, wire brushed, spray painted and reattached. The 2-56 screws popping through are from the track cleaning pad. 

The bottom view shows the track cleaning pad, newly installed Intermountain metal wheel sets and 
Kadee #5 couplers. 

MILW 23935 is now ready for assignment. Like Steve, doing a lot of work in keeping TrainLife going in the right direction, the car will see a lot of work cleaning the rails for many years to come.

And on the occasions when Steve's car needs a day off we'll remove the track cleaning pad let him joyride 
and hobnob with his fellow freight cars.
The NYC and NYSW cars were purchased at the same time as the MILW car and will be subjects of future blog entries..


  1. Great job with the car. I will have to make me a track cleaning car and use your tips when I go to build it. Thanks for posting.