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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thrall All Door Boxcar GBW #54 Joins The Fleet part 2

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A follow up to yesterday's post on the Thrall All Door Boxcar, GBW #54, joining the fleet. Last night I took a closer look at the newest addition, the GBW 54 already on the roster and the Delson Lumber Thrall All Door Boxcar. Some interesting items were noted.

Paint: The newest GBW 54 is on the right. Both units are factory painted yellow over yellow plastic. The new car on the right has a thicker coat as the light does not glow through it as it does the second car. Never noticed that until now. Older GBW 54 will head off to the paint shop and have it's interior painted.   

Delson Lumber Company, HTCX 329, is also a Life Like Thrall All Door Car.  

New GBW 54 sports what looks like a Bettendorf Double Truss Truck

 Older GBW 54 and HTCX 329 both sport 100 ton roller bearing trucks

Some of the modifications. Kadee metal wheels, knuckle couplers body mounted in Hadee coupler boxes.

A mixed freight lead by three custom painted New York Central GP30s rolls through Empire City at exactly 5 o'clock on March 19th

Train Consist:
Locomotives: New York Central GP30s 2324, 2526 and 2627. Custom painted Spectrum units

Freight Cars:  3 Thrall All Door Boxcars (Life Like), RF&P and GBW 50' boxcars (Athearn BB), NH and MCRR 50' covered gondolas (Athearn BB), 2 NYC 50' box cars, custom painted (Bachmann), 50' Rock Island boxcar (Athearn BB), 2 WCRC Center Beam Flats (Walther's), 50' NYC boxcar (Accurail), 50' Atlantic Coast Line bulk head flat, Chessie 40' boxcar / track cleaner (Life Like), EL, TPW Cylindrical 3 bay covered hoppers (Atlas), NYC 40' boxcar, custom painted (Mantua),  NYC caboose (Atlas)

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