Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recent Empire City News

Greetings Blog Followers,

Today's post will deal with some recent Empire City news that was reported in both the local paper, The Empire City Times and on the local television stations.

Road Gangs consisting of non violent misdemeanor prisoners with upcoming release dates have begun to appear in and around Empire City. Here they are cleaning up along the NYCTL right of way on Empire City's west side. The mayor has come under fire from the various construction unions for this use of non unionized labor. It looks like this practice is here to stay for the time being. The mayor reminded everyone that Empire City and he are union friendly and that the two Sheriff's deputy's overseeing this are union men.   

Meanwhile Unionized Construction Crews and Skilled Laborers continue to work in and around a new West Side Furniture Factory. The road crew (unionized of course) is prepping for the installation of a grade crossing. The building interior and crossing should be ready by Summer 2014.  

Across town on the West Side the Empire City Building Department authorized the installation of the new signs on the Cargill grain elevator. Cargill opened for business last year and is already looking to expand it's operations in Empire City. 

From The Empire City Crime Blotter: Empire City Police received a tip  that the elusive cat burglar that has plagued Empire City for years was due to strike again at a Mid Town Department Store. Word got out that the store had just received a delivery of high end jewelry for it's spring line. The ECPD set up around the clock surveillance and were able to nab the cat burglar in the act. The cat is now in the bag. Note the ECPD undercover officer posing as a utility worker on the electric pole.

Truck Traffic on the Rise: In recent months Empire City has seen a huge increase in truck traffic in and out of the City. With the North Side Train Yard recently completed and operational along with a West side rail spur the amount of Trailer on Flat Car (TOFC) and Container on Flat Car (COFC) rail traffic has grown immensely. Trucks are pouring in and out of the NYCTL yards picking up either a container or trailer for delivery to it's final destination and then returning them for loading back onto the next train for routing to it's next destination. Below a Conquest 48' container on chassis being hauled by a cab over Freightliner tractor heads into Empire City while a set of custom painted New York Central GP9s watch from below. 

Back over to the West Side, construction crews (union of course) get ready to start prepping the site and building 102 Penn Ave. If no labor unrest  this building, owned by the NYCTL, should be complete by Spring 2014. 

A Lee Way FreightLiner cab over tractor and 40' trailer makes it's way through Mid-Town. The model is an Athearn BB and the first cab and trailer kit I ever bought.

An Empire City Police car has stopped after observing the white Chevrolet is blocking the fire hydrant. The officers will discuss whether or not to issue a ticket to the car as they are in a work slow down due to another year without a new contract from a city that is purportedly union friendly. Friendly to every union except the PBA and the other police unions. The mayor forgets that on September 10th he was the most hated man in the city. After September 11th when he got a little dust on his suit he became America's Mayor. The cops will wait for a few minutes to see if the driver reappears and when he does not a summons will be issued for the fire hydrant violation. As shabbily as they have been treated by this so called law and order mayor who they carry on their backs they remember they are in fact heroes, just like the sign says.     

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