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Friday, January 17, 2014

Passenger Train Parade Part 7

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The next installment of the Passenger Train Parade featuring the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Fleet of Modernism". Simply put the "Fleet of Modernism" was a marketing ploy by the Pennsy for it's brand new stream liners that debuted in 1930. This was a way for the PRR to distinguish itself from rival New York Central's "Great Steel Fleet" and let it's loyal riders know of the PRR passenger train improvements. The original stream lined 52 cars from Pullman Standard completely stream lined the the Pennsy's premier passenger train the "Broadway Limited". The remaining cars were added to other name long distance trains.

On the New York Central Train Layout we have taken the liberty to use the "Fleet of Modernism" as a named train.

The Pennsylvania Rail Roads "Fleet of Modernism"rolls towards Empire City behind an EMD E8A.

The PRR "Fleet of Modernism"  pulls into Empire City

PRR "Fleet of Modernism" Departs Empire City Station

GG1 #4910 Leads the Senator into Empire City Station

As passenger ridership and service declined the NYC, PRR and NH lost staggering amounts of money providing this service. These monetary losses ultimately contributed to the merger of the NYC and PRR in 1968 creating the Penn Central. The PC was then forced to absorb the bankrupt New Haven. Unable to get out of the passenger train business the PC soldiered on until the creation of Amtrak.

A Penn Central E7 leads a passenger train into Empire City Station

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