Empire Belt RR ALcos

Empire Belt RR ALcos
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Industrial Area Now Officially Open

Greetings Blog Followers,
Let's take a break from the Passenger Train Parade for a few entries. Seems that the Empire City Police Department was busy watching the parade of passenger trains as car thieves dumped and stripped this car on a dead end street in the Industrial Area of the layout. 

 A car sits forlornly missing it's wheels and pretty much everything else of value. A local tow company has been monitoring the police radio and responds. The tow company has a contract with the city to remove these cars as soon as possible.

The Police have arrived and the officers get busy noting the vin# and confirming the car is stolen.

The tow operator requests that he be authorized for a "double tow" since he will have to lift the car twice. Once to put wheels on the front and the second to haul it away.

The officers watch as the car is is getting ready to be removed. The "double tow" has been authorized and the car now has front wheels 

The stolen car heads for the tow operator's lot.

The Police head back to the station house to prepare a motor vehicle invoice and notify the owner of the car's recovery and current location.

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