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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Box car Blast / Track Cleaning Fun

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Yes, you read the title correctly, "Track Cleaning Fun". As any model railroader can attest track cleaning is normally not fun but in fact a drudge that needs to be done. Having made some tracks cleaning cars last year to supplement my 4 factory built track cleaning cars I decided to put them all to good use and have a boxcar blast. What exactly is a boxcar blast on the New York Central Layout? Well, I'll tell you. Having a bit of Lightning Stripe fever I exchanged the Penn Central worms for the New York Central lightning stripes. I then pulled out a bunch of pre-Penn Central era 40' and 50' boxcars including the famed NYC Pacemaker fleet.Car body diesels were then assigned as the motive power.

An A-B-A school of Sharks (Baldwin RF16s) leads the pacemaker on the lower level of Empire City.

New York Central Sharks swim into Empire City Station with the Pacemaker freight cleaning the tracks as the y go. Track cleaning car is first Pacemaker box car. Looks like some hobos have boarded the train as well.

An A-B-A F7 consist of New York Central diesels leads a string of 40' boxcars through the West Side industrial area. The track cleainng car is the first Lehigh Valley car.

Alco FA-FB-FA units on point of a freight train featuring 50' boxcars and a single 40' Chessie System boxcar which is cleaning the tracks. Disclaimer; the Chessie System car is of a later era than the New York Central. Apologies to the purists and rivet counters.

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