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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New York Central Mercury Passenger Train

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The New York Central Train Layout shop forces have been hard at work upgrading the New York Central Mercury. The shop forces hope to have this train ready for the Thanksgiving rush. The NYCTL Mercury fleet is comprised of 8 smooth side lightweight passenger cars from International Hobby Corp. The assembled train consists of 1 baggage car, 1 combine car, 2 coaches, 1 diner, 2 vista dome cars and 1 observation car. The cars are factory painted light gray with silver lettering.

The fleet was sent to the shop to improve it's reliability and running characteristics. The cars as received from the manufacturer are extremely under weight (actually no weight had been added), extreme rocking due to poor wheels and sloppy connections between truck and bolster.

The NYCTL forces have added weight, installed #6 screws and washer to secure the trucks to the bolsters and Intermountain metal wheel sets. Replacement couplers are the McHenry MCH52 designed to drop in to the original coupler pocket on the truck. If curves permit then body mounted knuckle couplers would be preferred.

The original New York Central Mercury was introduced in 1936. NYC management utilized older refurbished heavy weight cars. Henry Dreyfuss is credited with the redesign and the train was assigned to the Cleveland - Detroit corridor. A second Mercury was later assigned to the Chicago - Detroit corridor. The original Mercury equipment ran well into the 1950s   

 New York Central Mercury Coach #1005 is tested against the Kadee Height gauge

Coupler is spot on.

 #6 screws and washers hold the truck in place instead of the factory installed push pins

Interior of car shows added weight for better tracking


The Mercury enters Empire City Station

The Mercury on approach to Empire City Station

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  1. Very nice trainset! That paint scheme is so classic! Thanks for sharing!