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Friday, September 20, 2013

40' Gondola Modifications and Load

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This past week I was comparing notes with fellow modeler Steve N on regarding conversions and upgrades on the old AHM / Bachmann 40' gondolas. Steve was working on an AHM model and my model is from Bachmann. However they are the same car as they were both built by Kader in Taiwan. The cars came with plastic wheels, truck mounted knuckle couplers and a gray plastic gravel load.

I dug out my car and took some photos that I thought I'd share here....

P&LE #43245 in service with metal wheels, body mounted knuckle couplers, gray interior and new load.

CB&Q E3141 is a Bachmann Silver Series that comes with metal wheels and body mounted coupler boxes.

Coal Load made from a "free sample" roofing shingle. Picked up the samples when deciding on new roof color. Being a model railroader I quickly saw the potential of the sample as a gondola load.

CB&Q Gondola with painted interior and "free sample" coal load

Proto 2000 metal wheels and body mounted knuckle couplers have been added to the car. To achieve the correct coupler height a metal washer was used as a spacer between the car floor and coupler box. Look closely as it is painted to match car. A short 2-56 screw hold the coupler box securely to the floor.

'A' end of the car showing metal wheels and body mounted coupler boxes. 

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